13 things all entrepreneurs need to survive

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Business experience can bring great rewards – you are pursuing your passion, working on projects that interest you, and finally (if all goes according to plan) creating a company or project that would never exist without you. The business experience isn’t an easy road, too – you’re in charge (it’s amazing but absolutely terrifying) and you often feel as if you’re flying without a grid. To make this terrifying-incredible business journey a little more manageable, here are some things, both tangible and not, that all entrepreneurs need to survive.

13 Things All Entrepreneurs Need to Survive | Onefctv
13 Things All Entrepreneurs Need to Survive | Onefctv

A workspace
There are many reasons why the specified space is the key. Just being there will help you start working. Even better, when the work is completed during the day, you can leave emotions in that space. This workspace is not necessarily an office. Maybe you work every day in the same café, the same kitchen corner, the same chair in the dining room. Choose a location and make it your work area.

A computer with a top shape

The odds are that some parts of your business journey will need to be activated by the computer, so make sure you have a great rate. There’s nothing more annoying than browsers that take a long time to open, or too old versions of Excel and Word that don’t allow you to get the job done you need. Even if your computer is older, make sure it’s in the best possible state. The better your computer runs, the easier it is for your life.

Short-term goals
What are you striving to accomplish in the coming hours, days, and weeks? It may be charming that you think nothing but the prizes that you will one day win, and the compliments will bounce on you when you invented the wheel, but that will not happen if you do not take it to step by step. If you don’t have a short-term goal, you’ll likely be disappointed quickly. This is a marathon that is not a sprint, but short-term goals will help you celebrate all the milestones.

Long-term goals
That said, long-term goals are also key. Where are you heading on this journey and what is your dream? Where do you want this company or project to be for one year, two years, five? It may even be worth writing down those long-term goals and pasting them somewhere visible in your workspace. That way, when you are cutting through the weeds of the day, you will always pay attention to the prize.

A flexible vision
Another thing that good entrepreneurs need is to understand that sometimes long-term goals will need to change. You may encounter invisible obstacles and something that seems like a great idea can suddenly break under pressure. The best entrepreneurs do not tightly bind these original goals, they have a more fluid relationship with them. Everything will change; be open to that.

A great planner
Keeping things organized is the most important thing. There are countless organizational systems out there, and part of being successful in business games is finding out which one works best for you. You may also need some kind of physical space so you can take notes and map out your plans and needs visually. It could be an app or a spreadsheet, a notebook system, or a good old-fashioned plan. Find what’s right for you and use it.

This is the problem, you will not become an entrepreneur if you do not have innate ambitions. There is a motivation inside you, a hunger is making you go into this dark forest and break into the vines until you create the path. To do that requires a lot of ambition, and one day you feel like all those ambitions are exhausted. It doesn’t. Ambition doesn’t get out of your life sometimes you just have to find it again.

Thick skin
You will be told millions of times that there is no way for your idea to work. You can’t listen. If you believe in your ideas, go on. Doubt being launched your way and using it as fuel. How good would you feel to prove haters wrong?

Some trusted mentors or colleagues
It’s easy to think that your idea is nothing but genius, but you need a few people you trust to exchange things. Think of a few people with opinions that you appreciate and people you think will help make your company the best possible. Then use them as the trust of your brain.

Decision-making ability
Making decisions is difficult, especially when the deposit seems too high. Entrepreneurs, and people in general, often struggle with every small decision; but you can’t. As you go your own way, there will be a lot of decisions that need to be made and you need to be able to absorb all the information, process, and make the best choices as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some basic accounting skills
A New York Times headline from 2011 said, “The basic concept of accounting is critical to entrepreneurs’ survival.” Five years later, that’s still 100% true. While you may not like to hear this, you need to understand revenue, loans, funding rounds, payroll, continuing lists. Your knowledge does not need to be too deep but a little will help with the long road, and will ultimately help your company continue to operate.

The ability to rise above fear
Doing your own thing is scary, but don’t let fear paralyze you, let it motivate you. The best way to think about it is, time will pass whether you spend it doing something that you have always dreamed of or not. Now, wouldn’t you want to use that time to make your dreams come true?

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