3 reasons motels are really AWESOME

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When it comes to arranging a holiday together, the temptation can be enormous: Take a month-long backpack trip through Europe! Spend time as a language tutor in Paris or Beijing! Visit your distant family and friends in Lima or Addis Ababa! But for most people, these types of failed celebrations can cause you headaches when you actually move on, and that leads to another option: go home, or rather at home.

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But staying in a hostel doesn’t mean you’re really just at home, getting used to the nooks and cranny of your own building. In fact, can this be the perfect time to stay because of all the ordinary holiday travelers and those who are on vacation in their wild destination? They will disappear and you will be able to enter the house in ways that you never thought possible.

I live in Los Angeles, so keep in mind that these results especially apply to people who have lived in or near a big city. With that in mind:

You won’t have to fight long rows or crowds
Especially in L.A., there are certain places for dining and brunch that can’t be visited on weekends or holidays. But with your schedule free, you can rest assured of making the commitment to that grabbable position. And perhaps it’s time to familiarize yourself with your surroundings – take a leisurely stroll or walk, drop by some of your favorite stores (or visit some new stores), or just get in the car and see where it will take you.

You can take advantage of nonexistent traffic
If you live in an urban area, you know one of the worst things to deal with is overcrowded traffic or public transit. This means you can actually get on the subway to go somewhere without worrying about seats, or you can make an expedition to that museum throughout the town and return home before the evening rushes.

You can invite all your friends to visit you – and really mean
Sometimes I hear that a friend of mine is passing through town; we’ll plan to meet and then, nothing. It is difficult to receive friends and/or family when you are busy working and during those periods they can meet you elsewhere more easily. (Unless they stay with you, it’s sometimes its own dilemma.) But what if they come to you during your stay? You can take them all over town and to all the exciting “indigenous” locations, all without losing too much of your own time because these are all things you want to do anyway.

You can “arrange” the number of days of your personal stay
Again, this is something that is only really feasible in a larger city. But note that most people travel for three reasons: relaxing on the beach somewhere with a drink in hand, exploring the city’s cultural monuments such as museums or architectural exotics, or immersing yourself in nature. With accommodation, you won’t have to worry about things like not being able to speak the language or accessibility of location, or overcrowding of tourists. (Even so, these are not things that make it impossible to travel!) Instead, you can do all this and still collapse in your bed at the end of the night.

Want to do something on the beach? Grab the cooler and go to the nearest coast. Want to do something cultural? Search all the museums in the area and look for smaller, more appropriate museums that you never have time for, or actually make a longer trip to a farther place than civilization. Want to do something natural? Search national and state parks in the area, and while camping can be cool, so it is possible to go rafting on the river, fishing and kayaking without taking more than a day.

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