8 ways to listen to old-fashioned radio shows online for free

Classic radio shows are still worth listening to this day. This is how you can adjust for free.

Nostalgia for good days never seems to pass, no matter how far we go in terms of technology and entertainment. That is why classic radio shows of the old days remained so popular to this day, available for streaming and downloading.

In fact, your favorite podcasts may never have existed without old-fashioned radio, so you should learn a little about its history. Below you will also find eight great sites that offer free access to programs from the heyday of radio.

What was old radio?

Before TV took over, radio was one of the main sources of entertainment in the world. In addition to news, advertising and music, it also broadcasts shows: dramas, mysteries, comedy and more.

Families in the 1920s to the 1960s gathered around to hear what we now call old-fashioned radio shows. These include the names abbot and Costello, The Goldbergs, Tales of the Texas Rangers, and Suspense.

Thanks to fans of the classic entertainment genre, most of these shows persist and thrive online. Not only that, it is even easier to insert them into your computer or smartphone than to unlock the FM radio on your mobile device .

YouTube: Old-fashioned radio shows

There’s not much that YouTube doesn’t offer, so it’s no surprise that you can also enjoy the station’s golden old songs. A simple search will offer different options, but subscribe to channels dedicated to this genre is even better.

Old Time Radio Shows, released since 2014, includes a range of shows, from Sherlock Holmes and The Lone Ranger to Lights Out and Dimension X.

Another great example is The World War II News and Old Time Radio Channel, which recounts that particular era through its broadcasts, including speeches and news reports.


The historical value of radio is also important in keeping its memory alive. Fortunately, sites like Relic Radio are very popular because people really like to travel back in time and learn about the past.

In terms of entertainment, Relic Radio has eight free podcasts to please most interests, while regularly updating its content.

Whether you like period dramas, science fiction or spooky horror, there’s always something fun to go live with cho work or as a holiday special.

Classic ROKiT Radio

Halloween and Christmas are perfect reasons to break a classic show. It is the newity of the experience that makes it different from modern entertainment.

So it is possible to jump into some 1940s jazz or a good old murder mystery is a treat, thanks to fields such as Vintage ROKiT Radio. The documents of the service on several categories are updated weekly, so always expect to find something new.

In addition, the best options today are not only free, but also available on mobile devices. For example, Vintage ROKiT Radio offers a suitable application for Android and iOS devices , so you can track its programs on the go.


Sometimes the best options are the simplest. If you use more computers than smartphones and you only want a website that can play in the background when you work, InternetRadio is the type of service you should consider.

It makes it easier than ever to satisfy your passion for classics and realize that you are no longer alone. InternetRadio brings more than 50 online radio stations and broadcasts their old shows to hundreds of listeners.

FM Pumpkin

User-friendly is really a big advantage of old time radio sources online for free. Since content like this is not easy to find, their administrators do all the work and try to navigate everything as simple as possible.

In the case of Pumpkin FM, simply adjust from the browser or media player and select any of its broadcasts. You can also see its application, which is only available on Google Play .

Each separate program has a different schedule for each day of the week. They also run 24/7, so you can immerse yourself in pumpkin FM music and stories whenever you like.

Internet Repository

If you like a database of programs, the Internet Repository is a good place to use it. You can filter through thousands of results by theme, collection, creator, and more.

When watching a specific program, you can choose to listen online, share with like-like friends or even download it to enjoy it offline.

Be careful, however, copyright restrictions. For example, most programs require appropriate credit when shared and do not allow commercial use, whether the document has been edited or in its original form.

Download Old Times Radio

This is another option for MP3 content that can be downloaded for free. Handy tabs and lists make it simpler to find your favorite categories and shows on Old Time Radio Downloads.

Finally, you just have to click through the program’s dedicated page, which has extensive history details, a media browser to listen to files instantly, a download button, and a comment box to share your thoughts with other fans.


Short for “RU Sit Comfort”, this site is a passionate provider of all things related to classic radio entertainment. It has been available since 1999, making subscribers always happy with online content and downloadable.

Its free options include more than 30 programs, which are updated regularly. Just a few clicks and you can enjoy them online or as MP3.

RUSC also offers 30 other programs from last month. After providing your name and email, they will send you a link to download the files for free.

The center’s full services cost $7.50 per month —quarterly or annual subscriptions are even cheaper. Even if you don’t want to spend anything, it’s still a great platform to watch old radio shows.

Continue exploring old-fashioned Radio for Mobile

Modern technology makes it possible to enjoy your interests wherever you are. While all these sites are perfect for listening to old-fashioned radio stations online for free, constantly carrying your laptop isn’t the best idea.

That’s where tablets and smartphones become useful along with their wide range of capabilities. You can get the most out of mobile platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube for classic entertainment.

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