9 hustle things you can start today

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If you don’t have many sources of income, you have to do better! The extra income will allow you to pay off those annoying student loans sooner, make the trip you’ve been dreaming of for years, and hoard more in your savings. There are many ways you can make more money, it depends only on what you are willing to do. Here’s a list of 10 easy hustles to get you started.

9 Side Hustles You Can Start Today | Onefctv

Airbnb Hosts
Is there more space in your home? Consider becoming an Airbnb host. On average, you can earn $300+ per week for a private room or $600+ when renting out your entire location. How much you can earn largely depends on your location, but people are looking for rentals around the country. In Los Angeles, you can earn $500-$600 per week for your entire property or $225-$350 for a private room. In New York, you can earn up to $1,300 per week for your entire accommodation and $600-$800 for a private room!

Taskrabbit allows you to get free labor contracts such as moving house, cleaning, delivery, and other daily errands. There are actually a lot of people who just want to hire someone to do a job for them instead of getting down on their own and getting dirty. You can also set your own hourly rates. Taskrabbit has a service fee of 30%, so let’s say you book a job and the customer pays $100; you will get $70 and Taskrabbit gets their share of $30. 10-15% of fully dedicated Working People can earn up to $6,000 – $7,000 per month! The amount of money you earn depends entirely on the number of tasks you are willing to complete.

Has anyone ever praised and praised your cheesecake or the little pies you make for your child’s class? Then you should absolutely consider turning your baking skills into cold cash. Nowadays, people have to pay a fairly large penny for a dozen snacks, which cost as high as $30-$40! You can start by contacting your close family and friends, let them know about your new side. People like their word of mouth, so once you book an event or two, those word-of-mouth introductions will start to appear (unless you really can’t).

If you are not afraid to deal with other people’s children and have extensive knowledge of some school subjects, then tutoring may be right for you. You set your own prices; tutors can earn between $20-$30 an hour, depending on the theme. Check your local Craigslist list to see rates and determine your charges. There is also an option to tutor online with sites like Tutor and Wyzant.

It’s not too late to jump on an Uber or Lyft train. The average Uber driver earns about $20 per hour, with Lyft drivers making the same amount. Why not drive in your spare time?

Have you ever said that your writing skills are a bomb and you have a way with words? You should consider doing a few free-writing performance contracts. There are a lot of them out there; you just need to do a lot of research and submit writing samples. Liberals can earn between $20 and more than $200 an hour, depending on the performance contract! Now go to googling!

Fiverr Gigs
What would you do with five dollars? On Fiverr, you can offer to complete the tasks and services of your choice with a minimum of $5 per job and then have the option to provide add-ons for each service you offer. You can choose to do something completely random for someone, such as pranking strangers or impersonating celebrities. You can also take a more traditional path of freedom and offer graphic services and web design, resume writing, or video editing. What you offer is entirely up to you!

Virtual Assistant
As a virtual assistant, you have a responsibility to help your manager complete tasks such as replying to emails, making calls, entering data, managing social media accounts, creating content, and anything else you have to do in a traditional office. In terms of salary, you can earn between $12 and $50 an hour depending on the task you will be assigned. Not too shabby, is it?

Director of Social Media
Do you spend the day on Twitter or Instagram and think about it? You can also get paid for tweets! As a social media manager, you’ll be responsible for running your business’s social media accounts by creating quality content, creating campaigns, and managing engagement across accounts. Doing this part-time can earn an extra $20-$100 an hour, depending on the company’s job needs.

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