A plate of fancy cheese at a cheap price

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A cheese plate can be a great contribution to a party, a fun way to impress with a date or a low-maintenance dinner. Sometimes it is difficult to know which cheese to choose and it can be very expensive to buy new and exotic cheeses in most supermarkets.

A Fancy Cheese Plate on the Cheap | Onefctv
A Fancy Cheese Plate on the Cheap | Onefctv

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: your local Aldi. If you’ve never shop at Aldi before, you should know that it’s a bit different from other grocery stores you’ve been shopping for. It’s smaller than most and the cashier won’t pack your groceries. You will need to bring your bag and a quarter deposit for the cart. However, the discounted price at Aldi is well worth the inconvenience … and they have impressive cheese choices!

For your cheese plate, you’ll want to choose a few different kinds of cheese to contrast in taste and texture. It’s great that you can also choose from a variety of crackers or bread to serve with cheese. And you will add something special if you serve cheese with olives, meat, nuts, or fruits.

6 types of cracker, 2.99
Havarti soy cream cheese, 2.99
Double Creme Brie, 2.99
Smoked Gouda, 2.99
Parmesan-style cheddar 3.49
Cranberry-covered goat cheese, 3.99
Dried Italian sausage, 3.49
Dried cranberries, 1.59
Dried dates, 1.89

The perfect plate is creamy, salty, spicy, sweet, crispy, salty, and citrus. I have all that is covered here for just $26 – and all of this will serve 8-10 people.

Your Aldi may vary slightly in terms of choice and price, but you can leave the products on the shelves creatively inspiring your own special cheese plate. Cut the piece of cheese and arrange it artistically on a large plate or plate, and enjoy the savings!

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