Average American home size

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American households, especially in suburban areas, have increased in size significantly over the past few decades. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average family home built in 2009 was 2,438 square feet.

The Average American House Size | Onefctv
The Average American House Size | Onefctv

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
The U.S. Census Bureau found that 34 percent of one-family homes built in 2009 had four or more bedrooms, while 53 percent had three. In addition, of the homes built in 2009 with four or more bedrooms, 54% also had three or more bathrooms. Fifty-three percent of the one-family homes built in 2009 had two or more floors.

The average home size is shrinking
According to a U.S. Census Bureau study conducted in 2009, the average size of homes in the U.S. is actually shrinking. After rising continuously for 30 years, the average size of one-family homes built in the United States peaked at 2,521 square feet in 2007. After stagnant growth in 2008, the average size of a home in the U.S. dropped by about 100 square feet 2009.

Recent trends
According to Sarah Susanka, author of the book “The Not So Big House”, many American homeowners are choosing smaller, more efficient spaces that require less building materials to build. This may be due to recent trends towards environmentally friendly housing solutions and conservation efforts.

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