Best Children’s Headphones

If you have a child in your life who needs a pair of headphones, Puro BT2200 is the best option to protect growing ears. Puro headphones not only meet our volume limit testing standards but are also the only pair loved by both toddlers and older children that have helped us test. They support Bluetooth (which can provide more efficient volume limits than traditional headphone technology), but they also work wired (so you can use them with multiple devices). Some BT2200 pairs can be connected to the same device (via an accompanying daisy-chain cable) and they sound good enough for adults to use. The headphone pads are replaceable and if your child prefers headphones rather than headphones on the ear, you can buy optional headphone pads to switch designs.

Best Children's Headphones
Best Children’s Headphones

Despite claims that children’s headphones limit volume to 85 decibels (which the World Health Organization considers “safer”), up to a third of the children’s headphones we tested exceeded that level when measured with pink noise, allowing for higher volumes — sometimes much higher. As we went further with our experiment, we found that even more of these headphones – almost half – could surpass the recommended 85 dB levels when measured with actual music. In addition, many of the headphones we tested had design errors that could allow children to skip their volume reduction features with ease. You can read in detail about all of our testing methods below. In fact, based on our findings, The New York Times (Wirecutter’s parent company) conducted its own investigation into children’s headsets, regulations, and safety.

At the end of the analysis, we found some headphone samples that we felt confident introducing — although even with those patterns, protecting the child’s ears was not as simple as just handing over a pair. We believe volume-limited headphones are just tools that can assist parents or caregivers in protecting a child’s hearing —they themselves are not the solution. However, our choices, used properly, will help provide an extra level of protection for your child’s ears and peace of mind for you.

Puro BT2200 is our choice as these headsets not only remain at a safe level of listening when used properly, but are also the top choice of all our child systaches, which means that your little ones will be more likely to use them. Bluetooth wireless connectivity — made precisely here — means that the Puro pair will play at the correct levels, no matter which source the child uses. The wireless design is also handy to avoid getting tangled, a favorite feature of those who make our young adult dashboards. Sizes and weights fit your child from 2 1/2 to 11 years old, so you can buy these headphones once and they will grow with your child and they are also sturdy enough to last. In fact, we have long-term tested these headsets with a number of children, including on cross-country flights, and all of our test pairs still work well. While many other children’s headphones are made of fragile inexpensive plastic, the BT2200 has a well-built aluminum frame. In addition, the headset is covered by a 30-day refund warranty and a one-year warranty.

Puro sets connect easily via Bluetooth and have simple on/off switches and volume controls. And with a battery life of at least 18 hours, it provides a lot of listening time between charges. If it runs out of power or if you only need a wire to use with a specific device, a wire will be supplied. As long as you plug in the right cord, BT2200 will keep your child’s music at a safer level. (We recommend monitoring when your child uses this pair wired.)

Puro also created this version of the headset with active noise cancellation, called PuroQuiet, which we also liked.

Written by Im Fox


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