Bad clashes cry with laughter with amazing guns in a time-lost looting shooter.

Borderlands 3 is the Family Circus in the call of Spencer’s Gifts, a game with long, serious missions about how delicious coffee is puncturing blood and gun violence. Borderlands 3 strolls with dog stools, points at it and laughs, then burns it. Borderlands 3 wakes up until 11.30 pm to drink soft drinks and googling flash animations, detailed notes.

It stuck in the late 00s when the vulgarity at the surface level was enough to be considered edgy — Borderlands 3 was severely obsessed with the player — and when the series was first formed. It’s stuck in a time when memes last months rather than days, when reference humor is still a novelty and tireless when you can point out something a bit unusual or crude and call it a joke. Simpler times, not necessarily better times.

Our distance from the era that Borderlands 3 evokes makes it more like a classic shooter than alive and present in modern popular culture and humor. It is simultaneously compulsive and forced, an FPS NGO that excels as its weapon-making system creates guns that feel great to shoot, adorned with broken attributes capable of turning hordes of goons, bugs, and soldiers into clouds of red mist, element particles, explosions, and large damage figures.

He then tells one of his many bad crying stories and the cloud vanishes. I had a horrible blow.

With Borderlands 3, some things have changed, but not affected much. It’s still a Diablo-like disguised shooter, now with new moves, stunning gun models, and improved weapon feedback. But Gearbox did little to formulate the Borderlands formula while putting the perfect writing of Tales from the Borderlands in the bin. It was the best and worst of the series at the same time.

Tales from the Borderlands proved that the Borderlands universe can balance goofy comedy with great character work, gracefully swaying between jokes that break the fourth wall of clichés in video games and hearty drama. It has changed irreversibly what I expected from the series.

But Borderlands 3 chooses the best approach, like a sitcom. Setting up new space travel takes players on a galactic tour in search of more bunkers, each stopping an excuse to introduce an old character just so they disappear or fade into the background as soon as they say hello, shoot some folks, and crack a few linings in little side missions that reveal anything about them or test them in any way.

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Most don’t change or emphasize the main story in important ways, act as cond ducts for tense jokes or rare serious moments, but rarely both. Some even disappear for good reason, with little ritual or thought. It’s as if I’m coming to Borderlands 3 with the deepest affection available to all of them, and just seeing them is enough to win my heart.

The new big bad guys, The Calypso Twins, are the people who live-streamed the motor killer, and history only became apparent in the final act. Until then, they are just two cartoon villains eating beef with vault hunters, using guns to open the same vault, and collecting power inside. There’s nothing more to them than long, obnoxious dialogue about how much I smoke. Even when imitating live-streamed people, they make no cultural commentary. They are just bastards, hungry for power, who will do anything to dominate the universe.

“Borderlands 3 reads like the impromptu section on the youth lunch table around Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me.”

The heart of the buttocks is buried deeply. I’ve delved into the cute relationship between Sir Hammerlock, a charming interstelontic game hunter, and his new boyfriend on Eden-6, and the fiery spirit of a young, newly learned adventurer under Maya, but there are very few authentic jokes, dramatic beats, or interesting moments of character in Borderlands 3.

Một vài nhiệm vụ: Tôi thu thập các mẫu vật đá nâu (poop) cho một anh chàng bị ám ảnh bởi các mẫu vật đá nâu (poop), Claptrap cần giúp đỡ để xây dựng một ‘người bạn’ rõ ràng là một người máy nữ cho những mục đích riêng tư đáng sợ của anh ta, tôi trồng thuốc nổ vào một đống lớn poop dam để cứu một trang trại, tôi giúp một anh chàng mở cửa hàng bánh mì kẹp thịt trong khi anh ta la hét về bánh mì kẹp thịt rất nhiều, tôi giúp một anh chàng thoát khỏi một cái bô để phóng tên lửa – đó là biên giới không thể chịu đựng được.

Có một người giao nhiệm vụ gây ấn tượng tốt nhất với Tommy Wiseau và nói về việc làm phim, đó là toàn bộ câu chuyện dài 20 phút — trò đùa chỉ đơn giản là biết anh ta là ai. Một trò khác chế giễu các giao dịch vi mô mang tính bóc lột và các trò chơi truy cập sớm có lỗi với một nhiệm vụ nhàm chán buộc tôi phải tiêu tiền trong trò chơi để dễ dàng bỏ qua hoặc thực hiện các nhiệm vụ tẻ nhạt. Nó diễn ra trong một thời gian dài đến nỗi tôi sẵn lòng trả tiền thật để bỏ qua nó. Giống như nhiều bit Borderlands khác, đó là một trò đùa có thể kéo dài hai phút để kéo dài gấp 10 lần điều đó.
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My favorite task is the least chatty and most shooting, a rarity, as much of Borderlands 3 reads like an inability on the youth lunch table around Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Worse, there is no way to ignore the dialogue. The missions move like an old car: listen to the NPC talk for 30 seconds, press a button as if twisting the socket, talking more, the engine ingests more, picking up an object, talking more, spitting, throwing the ball, and now the objective position is revealed. And we go.

At worst, I encountered some script errors in which dialogues repeated repeatedly and tasks became impossible to complete without restarting the game. You also can’t see markers for multiple tasks at once. The inventory system is largely unchanged. Borderlands 3 is a series of old designs and disappointing income effectiveness.

Under the gun
The new venue is a welcome landscape change from the silent deserts of Pandora, although it remains the place with the most areas and the place where I spend the most time during the campaign. Eden-6 is your typical muddy forest, where dinosaurs spew fires and warbles, holding sticks chasing me around the swamp and through treetops. Promethea is a chaotic trading company consisting of uniformly branded neon lighting and architecture.

A few unexpected locations make things more mixed, although most environments are still a few open areas with branching corridors. Borderlands’ signature comic style doesn’t change much, but it looks significantly sharper in 2019, with characters and overarching scenes communicating scales and personalities more clearly than ever before.

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Each position has its own types of enemies, but in reality, there is not much difference between fighting a swarm of COV soldiers from all directions or a swarm of bandits appearing from all directions. Borderlands 3 often tests players with a tangle of enemies in open, layered arenas, which are of a war-attrition nature rather than tactical puzzles.

Aside from some tough bosses, the real challenge comes from deciding whether to drop an electric pistol that essentially acts as a super pistol or a fiery SMG that fires bullets in the shape of a heart for a simple weapon that has better elemental damage attributes that are better suited to the enemy type of the area.

Corrosion melts armor, electrical damage melts shields, and fires burn flesh. Radiation damage makes enemies explode, which is always fun. I’m just tired of constantly killing my pets (funny guns) for more pets (technically cheaper guns for the situation). Testing new weapons is an intriguing part of the Borderlands, but there could be major droughts between things that are really good until the end of the game.

“Wild equipment is the reason to play Borderlands 3, and the guns, as expected, are its heart-beating enthusiasm.”

Instead of reloading them, you throw them out and a new one will come true in your hand. I have one that can grow legs and fire some missiles before exploding after being thrown. My favorite pistol inflicts electrical damage on all enemies around, clearing the shields of the room and destroying several weaker enemies at once. Jakobs sniper rifles are ornate, gilded, less played but extremely damage-free artworks. I found a myth that, if I hit my head, it would rip off another guy’s head in the room.

The viewing patterns are also stunning, from hard-to-evaporate machines to perfect egg-shaped future technology. The guns spin and spin and small pieces of rock around as they shoot out, some smoke, some sighs, and some moan like a VCR rewind midway through. I still don’t get tired of seeing the rain of war from defeated enemies, signal lights for something I’ve never seen before. Wild equipment is the reason to play Borderlands 3, and the gun, as expected, is its heart beating passionately.

As expected, it will be better with friends, although there are more enemies and explosions that run counter to the shooting improvements. With so much image noise against a flat color mess and thick lines, I often can’t see what I’m pointing, creating well-targeted important photos is an act of faith rather than intention and skill.

Enemies react better when shot and now we can bend down sliding and smashing the ground and guns that look like realistic machines instead of cardboard DPS drawers — however, the battle still takes place in the same rhythm as previous games. Enemies are too stupid and erratic and porous to force tactical play. The most reliable plan: jump around, throw all the grenades, put down the fire button, use my Action Skills when it recharges a second time, and only hide when necessary. It’s fun with lizard brains.

Borderlands 3’s new bunker hunters also don’t break many new platforms. While each has three diverse skill trees and the accompanying Action Skills are perfect for teams who want to complement each other, nothing in battle requires close collaboration between classes, although some contextual ping tools are included. Calling out targets and pointing out loot locations is easy.

Moze summons mech to inflict some ridiculous damage, Amara is a siren with great spooky arms to control the crowd and attack the AOE, while Zane can summon drones, shields or decoys to play more technically. I spent the most time playing FL4K, a robot with a companion as a pet, a great choice for solo players.

My work turned Skag into a nightmare. Wherever it was born, a radioactive explosion. Wherever he walked, the enemy will watch as he takes them into a cloud of poison. The goons blew up like pustules bleeding from waking up, limbs reeling while I — wearing a horse’s head and American flag skin — fired missiles and threw grenades into the mess. This is what I love about the Borderlands. I found it, beneath the dense sediment of jokes.

“Borderlands 3’s skill trees create Jackson Pollock tunnel hunters, lights and sounds, where disorder is key.”

I do this for about 30 hours and while the novelty loses the novelty of repetitive action inherently supported by an endless font of amazing guns, grenades, layer mods, make-up and shields, each has its own ridiculous attributes. If destiny 2’s guardians were architectural designs with structure and purpose, the Skill Tree of Borderlands 3 created Jackson Pollock tunnel hunters, rays of light and sound, where chaos was key.

After I finished the campaign, completed most of the side missions and reached the level limit — something like 30 hours of play — when NPCs stopped talking and the focus returned to destroy hordes of enemies and find more effective weapons to do it. , I settle down with a relaxed routine and remember why I have hundreds of hours of logging into Borderlands 2.

The clouds of red fog and the particle effect returned, the number more and more, and so did my heart. The game is over.

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Sadly, the end of the game was quite shallow at launch. It’s all about accumulating better tedious, but I’m slightly backward into a corner. Mayhem mode adjusts the difficulty level of the enemy for better rewards with three levels to overcome. Think of the difficult levels of Diablo 3: force the challenge to earn better benefits until it’s no longer difficult, forcing it to get better. I mean the ad is complete, but there were only three levels of Mayhem at launch.

The alternative is True Vault Hunter Mode, launching a new campaign with all your booty and abilities. Good in theory, I never want to play the campaign again. A few gloves measuring repeat time and wave-based crowd mode are my only alternatives, so I’ll just wait for the DLC and hope the article looks better.

Between bugs, non-prolonged pranks, proxies that provoke themselves according to game design trends, and some guests that I won’t spoil but that makes me clearly lament, Borderlands 3 has a lot in common with gearbox fan events later this year. There is a lot of loud, prolonged sound while holding what people actually come to take hostage. Unfortunately, because Tales from the Borderlands has found the delicate balance between absurdity, self-awareness, and sincere heart. A better Borderlands is possible, it is not Borderlands 3.

Written by Im Fox


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