Celebrating a Decade of Red Dead Redemption

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Red Dead Redemption, John Marston’s journey to bury his past and reunite with his family. To honor this occasion and all the love that the game has seen throughout the years from fans, we have summed up some of our favorite moments.

Back in 2010, José González visited our New York office and performed a light-hearted live performance of “Far Away” – the song that accompanied Marston’s memorable entry into Mexico. Nine years on, Swedish singer-songwriter Christian Larsson has covered “Far Away” professionally in one of many Red Dead-inspired recordings on his YouTube channel.

Celebrating a Decade of Red Dead Redemption
Celebrating a Decade of Red Dead Redemption

Kaley Stoner shared her incredible cosplay set of John Marston, complete with boots and spearheads, hand-embroidered denim jeans and a frayed vest. And for a classic explanation, check out another equally impressive cosplay set introduced at Newswire in 2010.

Over the years, John Marston has become the subject of countless amazing artworks by fans. This acrylic portrait of Redditor Molassiver is no exception.

The colorful pencil and pencil painting by fan artist Nikky Bjorn depicts a cleaner- cut Marston, scars and all.
Redditor Isonus’ army honored Marston’s signature look on Red Dead Online, formalizing the occasion with a visit to the studio.

Marston creates a prominent subject in these two excellently captured portraits using red_dead_portraits.

And we would be flawed if we didn’t acknowledge the legacy of the amazing contributions fans have shared over the years – everything from the original artwork and custom-carved jack-o lanterns to vocabulary lessons based on the game’s original script.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone in the community who continues to show so much love for Red Dead Redemption.

Written by Im Fox


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