Collect hidden tags in GTA Online

Along with the opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online, 54 individual hidden cards were scattered throughout Southern San Andreas. In addition to receiving the casino’s Chip and RP for each card found, purchasing the full set of cards will help you get Premium Wear and a unique Set of Play cards at your own Restaurant’s table (requires a Private House upgrade).

Collect Hidden Cards in GTA Online

If you need a little help tracking any cards, our friends on GTA Series Videos’ longtime and dedicated fan channel have put together this helpful guide, including timestamps for each card in the comments section of the video.

As an additional bonus, anyone who successfully receives all 54 Playing Cards in GTA Online will unlock the Collecter’s Bag for free in Red Dead Online along with a unique variant of Cardenas Poncho. To receive these rewards, you need to link both your Red Dead Online and GTA Online accounts at the Social Club.

Anyone who has demonstrated their collectability and has a full set of cards (and linked both accounts at the Social Club) will have a Free Collection Bag when the Red Dead Online update is released on September 10.

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