Craft wine is on the rise of a major evolution

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For some, alcohol is more than just a way to entertain – it is a means of expressing creativity and its boundaries need to be pushed. Brewing and distillation are ancient art, but it also means they may have a bit of difficulty. That may not happen for long, and you may soon see results on shelves.

Craft Liquor Is On the Cusp of a Big Evolution | Onefctv

NPR shared a new report this week on alcohol and spirits made from alternative cereals. Think quinoa whisky or amaranth bourbon. It is not about healthy food; rather, brewers and distillers are curious beasts. They really want to see how these drinks will taste – and whether the stylish public cares about them.

That puts their journey under the control of the federal Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade, a division of the Treasury Department. TTB, which is in talks with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is beginning to decide how to label these new alcoholic products. The regulation requires skillful attention to detail that emphasizes the difference between whisky and whisky. But TTB is taking public comments on how to implement these changes until March 26, 2019.

At least, in theory, it is. With the government’s partly shut down now hampering craft brewers, it’s possible TTB has too many backlogs to make a timely ruling on the issue. However, while spending money on alcohol is one of our most common financial regrets, at least it’s a category where customers are actually always right.

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