Creative Father’s Day Gifts for Tech Dads

Fathers are looking for the most interesting new gadgets that make life easier and more enjoyable. Mothers do, too, but this is a fatherly thing. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th and it’s not too early to start shopping.

Here are some creative gadgets that every tech dad would love:

Innovative Father's Day Gifts for Techy Dads
Innovative Father’s Day Gifts for Techy Dads

Rachio Wi-Fi Smart Grass Irrigation Controller
Take care of your lawn remotely with this lawn irrigation controller. Set your own schedule or input details such as crops and sunbathing and let Rachio automatically water your grass. Based on comprehensive weather data, the device even knows if it rains and will skip the watering that day. Choose from 8 to 16 regions.

Quad Lock bicycle racks for smartphones
Quad Lock bike pylons are a necessary utility for any cyclist who wants to stay connected on the go. It is compatible with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Golf game live tracking system
Made for golfers who are passionate about improving their golf game. The Game Golf Live Tracking System provides real-time GPS tracking and analysis to help improve the user’s game.

Drocon Drone
The Drocon Drone is great for beginners who don’t know how to fly a drone at all but absolutely think they can. It is equipped with real-time Wi-Fi transmission and HD camera for live video streaming.

Ember temperature control porcelain cup
For the father who loves his coffee and likes to control its temperature. Ember Mug allows you to adjust the temperature of the drink remotely through the accompanying app.

Tile Mate Key and Phone Finder
If you know a father who doesn’t seem to be able to track his keys or phone, then the Tile Mate Key and Phone Finder combination is what he needs. Using your smartphone, you can make Tile ring when it’s nearby but out of sight. And the app remembers the last time and where it saw your Tile.

Written by Im Fox


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