Dragon age animation background, mass effects, and star wars when zooming is quite sweet

First thing: we all know I’m obsessed with Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Even my author profile says so much, but I have never done much to hide the truth. Secondly, these origins have clearly appeared for some time, but I always come to the party late and just discovered them, but they … missing a better word: dope.

Dragon Age, Mass Effect, And Star Wars Animated Backgrounds On Zoom Are Pretty Sweet

BioWare offers quite a few live wallpapers for Zoom calls for Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Anthem, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since many of us are still affected by COVID-19 and the threat of new restrictions exists, Zoom has become a complex part of our daily work, so why not have fun with it?

These wallpapers are completely free to use, so don’t worry about being there, and really easy to use! Download Zoom (a video conference software, also free), go to your installation gear in the top right corner, and choose the option with “background and filter” content. You’ll see a few presets in it, but let’s be realistic… why stay on a common beach while you can in Normandy? Am I right or am I right?

I was right.
You can actually drag any image you want for this. I intervened in several settings, including the image at the top with the Starboard lobby from the Mass Effect game. Or, you can take it from high-resolution animated videos right here from BioWare to take that fantasy setting to the next level. It’s a pretty interesting feature, one that fans of all kinds of games have been playing along.

Again, to the party late but if it’s new to me, it might be new to others. If you’re a fan of BioWare, especially its old games, then these dynamic Zoom wallpapers are really fun. Enjoy!

Written by Im Fox


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