Further adventures in finance and crime: How to become a crime boss

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony add a whole new level of play to the GTA Online world, as you buy and sell contraband to expand your empire across Los Santos. This two-part series will delve into the finer points, to help you become the ultimate crime boss and unstoppable CEO.

You’ll need to be equipped with the basics before you can start profiting – the most important thing is to buy an Office, which has access to the CEO status and acts as the center of all your illegal activities. Visit the Dynasty 8 Executive page on your iFruit phone and buy one of four different priced Office spaces throughout Los Santos. Personalize with a variety of decorating options and your own Organization name, and choose from optional amenities including Safe to see your cash increase, Accommodation Area (to nap and change clothes if you are working late), and Gun Locker allows you to customize your weapons before starting work.

Inside your office, you’ll also find a few additional amenities to help you do business: The meeting room table is equipped with a 3D map of all potential Warehouse locations (a green marker that says the warehouses are owned, a red marker for restaurants still on sale); The large-screen entertainment system features Degenatron’s classics, “Don’t Cross The Line” and SecuroServ computers from which you will run new business projects.

Your office also comes with an Executive Assistant – they will keep you up to date with the Organization’s business information as well as take care of your logistics, such as arranging your personal vehicles or Pegasus ready and waiting outside, troubleshooting car detention issues, arrange a helicopter pickup to go fast back to the office, or even fill up your snacks for free.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: How to Become a Criminal Kingpin
Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: How to Become a Criminal Kingpin

After your own Office, sign up as CEO in the SecuroServ menu through the Interact with your player’s menu or just go to your desktop and sign up when you sign in. Unlike VIPs, there are no bank balance requirements and no time limits or time limits you can be CEO, or how long you can wait before becoming CEO again.

Operating a criminal business needs a network of resources, not least including warehouses of illegal goods. The warehouses are small, medium, and large in size, and you can own up to five warehouses at once; 2 3015 300% of the ownership of your Personal Property is not counted. Before buying a Warehouse, try to choose one that best suits your needs, including location and size. As with the Office, you can trade in the Repository at any time to get new warehouses of comparable or larger size.

The warehouses also include desks, to upgrade the assigned vehicles used in Special Transport missions with improvements such as armor and missile jammers.

Special Purchase Tasks are dangerous, in parts-based tasks that require a coordinating team of Associations to accomplish excellence. Buy missions of range and scale, from shooting police to high-speed pursuits, helicopter ambushes, and more. There are three sizes of shipments that can be purchased: 1 barrel, 2 barrels, or 3 barrels. Larger shipments have increased difficulty and may require more Partnering. More barrels mean higher risk and more money but allow you to fill your warehouse quickly, getting better offers from potential buyers sooner.

Not all agreements will go according to plan; You will come into contact with Los Santos gangs, LSPDs, rival player organizations, and other threats. Plan your mission time carefully, know your Warehouse location, make sure you’ve hired skilled Collaborators to handle the scale of your shipment (remember, a player can carry one barrel at a time), always turn on the CEO’s phonebook and capabilities– and perhaps above all understand risk-reward scenarios.

Use the Gun Locker to drop and add the necessary tools before going on a Buy or Sell job.

After you hold the crate, be prepared for everything – pay attention to your Assistant, as you will receive notifications of anything that goes sideways. You will only have a limited period of time to complete the delivery and the time before you arrive at the session will be shorter when buying more barrels. So, like any lean organization: the effect is your friend.

After completing some Purchase tasks, the CEO may be given the option to try a Special Items task; Special items are goods of higher value than traditional goods. These missions have only 1 barrel that must be secured against extreme resistance…

When it’s time to sell, you can do this through a laptop located at the relevant Warehouse. You’ll have up to three coupons to choose from based on your current inventory level, and buyers of a Fourth Special Will also be involved if you own any Special items. Sales tasks are the CEO’s opportunity to monetize their hard-earned supplies, but also come with risk-reward considerations; selling larger quantities will attract interest from richer buyers, but there is also a higher risk. Deliveries are under threat across Los Santos and the non-safe delivery can eat into your profits.

Maximize the value of your SpecialTy Goods by specifying when to sell your inventory. Hoarding of goods may attract the interest of wealthier buyers, however, valuable warehouses will not remain secret for long – be wary of attacks from gangs residing in Los Santos trying to steal a piece of your cake.

Slowly submitting each barrel to a large warehouse is the most profitable method because your initial cost is lower, but it is not the most time effective way. Buying large shipments will fill your Warehouse three times faster, but at a higher cost; make executive decisions based on any method that suits your leadership. Also note: the more players during the session, the higher the risk, but the greater the delivery reward will be when selling your sales.

You’ll receive your cash payment after all the boxes reach your destination.

I just want to be CEO; why should I become a Collaborator?
In addition to the basic salary paid periodically, Affiliates will receive benefits such as salary bonuses for consecutive successful Freight Missions, increased RP, and rehabilitation while within the CEO’s radius.

How do other players disrupt my business?
After the Organization collects Special Goods during the Purchase mission or embarks on the sale of such goods during the Sale mission, a global signal revealing the location of your Special Goods will be sent to all rival Organizations and players during the session. The size of the shipment will affect latency on this timer. Rival organizations and other players get something from destroying your Special Goods, always pay attention to them.

Can I still participate in Special Freight Missions if I am not a member of the Organization?
Players not part of the Organization in Freemode may participate in Special Freight Missions; These players will be notified of the Organization’s ongoing Special Cargo Mission with a red dot that appears on their map. When this sign appears, this means that the Organization has collected a Special Goods container and is trying to transfer it to their Warehouse or sell it to the buyer. Other players and rival Organizations can then choose to attack the barrel keepers and be rewarded with ammo, cash, and RP when destroying Special Cargo.

Why can’t we perform Buy/Sell tasks in a separate session?
To succeed as a CEO, it requires you to navigate the risks and rewards of the ruthless free market in Los Santos – where everyone can start your latest business – so Buy and Sell tasks are specifically designed for trading in public sessions. Keep in mind that more players during your session are meant to have greater rewards for successfully selling Special Goods, while Colleagues get a pay rise when completing consecutive Buy or Sell tasks with the same CEO. If you’re concerned other players are worried about your Warehouse or Office – choose the right time to sell, make sure you have An Partner, and ask them to remove players who are following you or wait for you to make a deal. Get your team off the grid with Ghost Organization capabilities and exit by rooftop helipad if possible as well as solid strategies.

Why can’t I start another Purchase/Sale Task?
There are 5 minutes of recovery when completing the Purchase Task and 30 minutes of recovery after completing the Sales Task for each Warehouse; if one Warehouse has been sold recently, you can still choose to sell from another Warehouse.

What can I do if an Organization member is causing me trouble?
CEOs can fire members through the management section of the Personal Interaction Menu. Unfortunately, the CEO cannot fire members of the Special Freight Mission; if a Partner intentionally destroys Special Goods on a Sale Duty, the Executive Director has the option of punishing the Partner by terminating them from the Organization and prohibiting them from becoming an Executive Director or Partner for 30 minutes.

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