Further adventures in finance and crime: Your Guide to Organizational Behavior

In addition to the Special Goods trade throughout Los Santos, new opportunities for graft and theft in Further Adventures in Finance and Crime also appear in the form of additional VIP Jobs and Challenges for VIPs and Their Bodyguards. While EXECUTIVES enjoy all the benefits of becoming VIPs, including income from their employees and Special Transportation initiatives, Bodyguards and Collaborators receive a generous salary at work and bonuses for participating in Work and Challenges.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: Your Guide to Organizational Behavior


For newly minted CEOs and VIPs, you’ll be able to request VIP Work for your Organization – a series of Collaborations completed in Freemode. VIP Work is launched through the SecuroServ VIP option in the Interactive Menu. Bodyguards & Collaborators will be notified that they are needed via text message or invitation sent to the SecuroServ App. VIP work offers many opportunities to earn GTA$ and earn significant RP, along with the opportunity for rival Organizations to ambush you to win a piece of cake. Here are some tips to keep your Organization’s goals on the new VIP Job at hand:


Objectives: Work together with your Organization to take down multiple fixed and well-guarded mobile targets on the map over time.

In order for your attack team to act as a well-oiled machine, specify the targeting role early on and follow these instructions.

All your potential targets and their guards are given increased blood and armor and can easily take you down if you walk approaching. To avoid alerting static targets to your presence, consider attacking remotely and taking them down. Leave immediately after confirming your kill, as your Wanted Level will increase immediately.
When chasing a target on a vehicle, monitor their movement, and consider ambushing from scratch; Pursuing them from behind can lead to a barrage of bullets coming in.
Divide and conquer. With multiple objectives on the map, sinking all your resources into the pursuit of a single goal is useless. Ask your team to pair up to cover more ground on mobile targets and dispatch a single capable assassin for stationary targets.
To prepare for any results, be prepared for air and attack vehicles before starting the timer for this Task.
Players can eliminate their wanted level through Lester or by using the VIP/CEO “Bribery Agency” capabilities. Note that attacking law enforcement will remain wanted even if the “Bribery Agency” is active.
As a Rival player, you can earn rewards for protecting targets from the Attack Organization.


Objective: The organization must collect a cargo box and use it to extract a container and deliver it to a specified return point.

Appoint your best pilot for this task and send the rest along with the added muscles. Also, some tips below to help:

Every time your goods are shipped, your goods can be damaged and lose cash value, so don’t hesitate – be prepared for the delivery area to maximize profits.
Reconnaissance the carefully guarded area before taking goods and destroying not only the guards but also the attacking vehicles before they can pursue you and put you at a disadvantage.
Alternatively, you can kill all the guards and ask one of your Organization members to get an attack helicopter so that you have free air support on your way to the drop zone.
Aviation assistance during the transportation is key, not only will you have a 3-star Perpetual Wanted level during your flight, but rival Organizations will also be alerted to your activity and can be rewarded for taking you down.
Once you’ve successfully delivered your package, plan a rushed exit as Cargobob will self-destroy to cover up any evidence of your illegal activity.
Players participating in non-Organizations or rival Organizations will be rewarded with a reduced tank value if Cargobob carries it destroyed.

If your truck catches on fire in Haulage be sure to release it and drive away from the trailer so backing your replacement rig back into the trailer is manageable.


Objective: The organization must collect a large trailer and deliver it to the delivery person with the assistance of a pickup truck.

Although your big rig is a formidable monster on the open highway, capable of overcoming most enemies that are chasing, it would still be wise if you follow some important tips here.

Surely you should have armored transport ready to fight the enemy that is chasing when coming to pick up your trailer but if you are approaching that front, pay attention to watch a fully equipped Karin Technical parked somewhere near the brief.
The attacker’s car can click in front of your truck to slow you down. Make sure to adjust and tilt your camera view forward a little to better capture their position to better overcome them from obstructing your path.
If your truck starts to get damaged too much and is at risk of exploding, start planning to reor orientation a new replacement truck as they are marked with blue symbols on your map.
Moreover, if your truck is on fire and definitely about to explode, make sure to drop off and drive away from the trailer so that the new truck backs into the truck that can be controlled without the debris of the destroyed pickup blocking your way.
Consider asking a Partner or Bodyguard to bring an extra Hauler as a backup in the event of a problem.
If rival Organizations or Freemode players deliver Goods, they will receive the maximum reward.


VIP Challenges are found under the ‘SecuroServ’ option in the Interactive Menu and initiated by VIP to create rewards and healthy competition within the organization. Although the winner of the Challenge will, of course, receive their membership, as with VIP Work, each Participating Bodyguard will receive a GTA$ and RP participation bonus for each minute they spend participating in the Challenge.

Once the Challenge is set up, VIPs will have the option to watch the Bodyguards compete or participate directly.


Objective: All players in the Organization compete to hack the most ATMs within a specified time limit.

Take the money and run! Use the fastest shipping method available and keep the following tips in mind to stack your chips.

Watch the back. Create space between you and other members of your organization. During hacking, you are completely vulnerable to them, so keep that in mind before you start attacking. This will also ensure no one hacks your ATM before you do so.
Therefore, try to interrupt any member of the Organization you see stopping at nearby ATMs to give yourself the lead when running to the next hacking location.
Continually check the map not only to locate the next nearest ATM but also to fully identify people who are near you at all times and to look at areas with higher ATM density.
If you want to move on the map 9/10, you can call Lester and pay him to take you off the Radar, which is especially useful when you’re already stable on an ATM.
Time is of the essence. You have 60 seconds to complete the ATM hacking order before you start the Two-Star Wanted level, so request the fastest vehicle you have and move quickly.

You will lose cash if killed, so stay out of trouble.


Objectives: All players in the Organization are equipped with regeneration guys and compete to collect the most checkpoints in an underwater area.

The aquatic life is not quite as peaceful as it was created. Read the helpful hints below before going into it.

Using knives against your opponents to keep them out of checkpoints is a fair game. VIPs and CEOs make sure the lighter is friendly in your VIP Management option to keep things interesting.
You don’t have to swim all the way to the checkpoint area from the coast. Track the Seashark icons on your map for a faster ride.
Although wearing a rehabilitation machine allows you to stay underwater for longer periods of time, eventually, your fitness and oxygen will be exhausted. Make sure to find more recovery bins to stay underwater for longer.
Checkpoints are located over a large area, there is nothing to be ashamed of swimming to a slightly less occupied area of the circle to let your opponent fight as you continue to collect capture points unchanged.
When diving for checkpoints in deeper waters, be sure to carefully check your oxygen intake and stamina to ensure you can safely complete the trip down to your marker and back to the surface. Don’t be greedy or you won’t be able to come back.


Relay at the right time in a gunfight can be the difference between life and death; No one wants to be caught with only a few bullets left in the chamber. Fortunately, Ammu-Nation has provided you with a whole new Line of Blank Magazine Attachments and Boxes for their 8 most powerful weapons. These special magazines will increase reloading, give you more time between reloads and gain a decisive advantage over your less equipped enemies.


Now that your Organization has a few days to capture special Freight missions, here are some tips to keep your operations running smoothly:

Pay attention to other CEOs and Collaborators during your session through the SecuroServ Special Freight Network and plan your Mission time carefully.
Make sure you’ve hired enough of your own Partner to handle the size of your shipment – for example, delivery of three Barrels is at greater risk than just one and will therefore require more agencies within the actual scope of protection and delivery.
To actually pick up a Crate, you can go through it either, to save time and the possibility of injury, you can also drive your car directly through it – remember that you can only hold one Barrel at a time.
Be prepared for anything – a Well-equipped Pegasus Vehicle like the Buzzard Attack Chopper can be useful. If you get into any trouble, use your CEO’s ability to avoid the fluff and conceal your organization and containers to help secure your Special Goods.
Rival players cannot attack the Warehouse but can ambush Special Cargo.
The more goods you store in stock, the more profitable you are. Selling larger quantities will attract interest from richer buyers who pay higher prices but also have higher risks.

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