Game Tip: Combat & Ability Cards

Whether you find yourself a Shotgun gunner or a measured marksman, Red Dead Online encourages people to hone their fighting skills according to their preferred gameplay. Here are some quick combat tips for outlaws and gunmen of all kinds, including some suggestions for Active and Dynamic Ability Cards:

Game Tips: Combat & Ability Cards
Game Tips: Combat & Ability Cards

General combat
Stick to Your Guns: The more you use a specific weapon, the more familiar your character becomes with it. Improved bullet replacement speed, along with reduced mesh stabilization time and vibration are the main benefits associated with using the same weapon in combat.
Cleanup: Use Gun Oil to maintain your weapons – poorly maintained weapons will suffer a reduced rate of fire and damage, as well as longer, reload times – while in-house maintenance will keep your weapons at their highest performance.
Breathe: When aiming for medium or long-range targets, pay attention to the size of the circle around your grid. With certain weapons, targeting for a few moments will help you squeeze the target to shoot more accurately.
Shoot from the hips: In addition, shooting quickly with your hips in melee situations, instead of taking the time to aim with L2/LT, can help you take down multiple enemies quickly.

Ability tag
Getting started: The First Ability Card slot you’ll unlock in Red Dead Online lets you choose how you want to use Dead Eye. Paint your target, deal more damage or resolves when using Dead Eye depending on the card you choose.
Affordability: When you’re promoted, you’ll have access to a total of three Dynamic Card Slots in addition to your Dead Eye slot. Choose from a variety of Combat, Recovery, and Defense abilities to match your gameplay.
Level up: The more you use the Ability Card, the more progress you’ll make when unlocking the next level. Press the Upgrade button in the Ability Card Menu to preview the benefits of the card upgrade.
Payload: Customize your payload according to the activity you’re engaged in – Combat capabilities can work best for gunfights, while Defense may be more useful in escort missions.

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