Game Tip: In and Out – Attacker

Attacker’s advice:

As an Attacker, you will have Assault Rifles, Combat Pistols, SMG, Sawn Pistols, and Grenades at your own mind. While the Guardians may seem strong with more firepower, their playing area is limited and does not reach your point of appearance. Use the limits of Defenders to benefit you if you are being chased. Another way to level the playing field is to use the element of surprise to your advantage. If you can, avoid running or firing to keep your Radar highlights hidden until you are far behind enemy lines. This will allow you to surreptitiously secure packages and can take down even defenders. If you manage to take down both Defenders at once, while they revive, it’s best to aim for the hardest-to-reach Packs rather than the easy Packs. Even if you only come back a little bit with the package, it will be a lot easier to collect next time. You definitely don’t want the hardest plan to be the last you have to get. Also, since your Team has a larger number, try to have at least one player on your Team focus on destroying the Guardian so that other teammates can steal the Safety Pack. If you discover that Defenders will not escape, a strategically operated Grenade will perform the trick.

Game Tip: In and Out - Attacker
Game Tip: In and Out – Attacker

When it comes to the Final Pack, ask your teammates to split up and attack from all angles to confuse the Defenders. If one of your teammates keeps the Pack, be a real Team player and run behind them so you can get some bullets flying in. If they die while holding the Package, the Package will remain in the crash site, which means you will be in the perfect position to pick up immediately.

Finally, even if there are only a few seconds left, your Team will have one more minute if they hold the bag when time runs out. If they release any of them during that time, the Guardian wins.

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