Game tip: In and out – Defender

Protector’s advice:

Although the number of Defenders is less, you will have some heavy artillery to support you in the form of Carbine Rifles, AP Pistols, MG Pistols, Assault Guns, and Sticky Bombs. In addition, you will receive an Increase in Health for each Attacker your takedown.

Since Packages located deeper in your territory will be harder to reach for attackers, fight the opposition as soon as possible and move back when the Package is implemented. Instead of Grenades, you’ll have Sticky Bombs at your disposal – try placing Sticky Bombs near the Package as bait traps for any unlucky Attacker to get close to. You’ll find that you can usually predict which Package your opponent will be looking forward to next.

As a Defender, sometimes you have to be prepared to cut your losses rather than chase the escaped Attacker with a bag. This can make your remaining Plans wide open for grabs. Don’t forget that you only need to own one Pack left when time runs out to win, so if the match goes south, try to focus on defending only one or two of the hardest-to-reach Packs. Find a location with great hiding space, hide and wait for the Attacker to show up as they become more desperate.

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