Game Tip: Inches of Inches


When starting Inch by Inch, you may want to plunge into the center of the map, but you have to pay attention to the surroundings. A reckless person rushes into the void that can cause you to be hit in the head, leaving the Package in the hands of the enemy. Instead, let you and your teammates shelter and arrange in strategic locations while ensuring your end area is appropriately protected from surprise attacks. Wait for the Other Team to take the first action and select them before securing the Package and performing your getaway. Remember that once you own the Package, you will lose the ability to use your weapons, but get increased running speed to help overcome opponents. In addition, you can drop the Package tactically, which will allow you to regain the right to use your weapons. This is a great way to move packages onto the field, from one hiding spot to another or hold your position as you wait for your teammates to revive and assist.

Inch by Inch

Since you only need one teammate to score, the rest of the team can be an effective shield. While it can be tempting to allow your strongest players to continuously receive Packages per round, try transferring which players on your team keep the Pack to keep enemies guessing. If you want to avoid picking up a Pack, keep triangle/Y/F when running through it. Bait and smart switches are always effective, so protect the carrier while they move to the hiding place and let them drop the Pack as you move up to bring it forward.

If you are looking to score yourself, you must carefully choose the moment when you make the final push for the line, as you cannot return fire. Make sure to make yourself a difficult target by turning left and right when you’re holding the Pack. As you get close to the line, you can press the jump button to finish your dive, which will give you an extra point of style and bragging rights. However, make sure you can erase the gap – it’s the kind of embarrassing mistake you only want to make once. If your team is ahead and the clock is coming to an end, play safe to watch the game. Trying to stretch your lead can back then.

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