Game tip: Juggernaut – Opponents cornered

Juggernaut game tip:

GTA Online Juggernaut’s rival mode puts two teams against each other, with one player in each team taking on the role of Juggernaut wearing armor. The first team to defeat the juggernaut of the enemy team will win.

Juggernaut - Opponents cornered
Juggernaut – Opponents cornered

With seven different maps from the cluttered O’Neil Farm to the sinking Los Santos Storm Drain, it’s important to use maps and objects to take full advantage of you. While your team runs in opposition and puts them together, your Juggernaut should focus on suppressing your opponent’s Juggernaut along with any other players in the way. Once the opposition Juggernaut is cornered without a way out, let the bullets fly freely as you squeeze them. (Gameplay clip source: Typical on YouTube)

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