Game Tip: Lost Vs Damned

In Lost Vs Damned, winning high scores when it’s your turn to use a gun will give you an additional advantage.

Lost Vs Damned Adversary Mode is a fast-paced Deathmatch-style match between good and evil forces. Play as Cherub-faced Angels or Demons dressed in red as teams compete for points in dense environments that change from day to night every 60 seconds. When that change occurs, your Weapon load will change. While one side starts with a full range of Weapons from Pistols to NGEs, the other team starts with a single Melee Weapon. Those who start with Melee Weapons need not worry – after 60 seconds, the table will move on and you will be fully equipped, while the original shares are left to rely on killing melee at close range. Here are some tips to help you survive the eternal battle between satan and the right:

Game Tips: Lost Vs Damned
Game Tips: Lost Vs Damned

Angels can only earn points during the day and the Devil can only do so at night. Although the Demons cannot score on the day, a demonic kill will deduct points from the Angels (and vice versa). Pay attention to the number of kill points in the bottom right corner to know how many points you are behind or in front of. While you may think that pulling the old duck and shielding for 60 seconds will keep you 90 seconds less, staying put for too long will cause you to soar on the Radar and alert the opposition. If you want to be sneaky about it, maintain a stagnant state long enough to lure the team towards you and then hide to attack stealthily before they invade your territory.

Use the environment in your favor. If you have multiple Weapons, capturing high ground is a great opportunity to detect enemies and deter any attackers. If your only tool is a reliable Machete, then it is better to tie enemies to closed, limited battles using maps strategically.
Sticking to or detaching are all good tactics in Lost Vs Damned, depending on the situation. If you are killed, your team has a better chance to avenge your death and regain that point if you all stick together. On the other hand, a strong team can cover more by dividing and hunting down opponents. Talk to your team and figure out the best way to overcome your enemies.
Avoid surprise attacks by regularly checking behind you – click the right bar on the dashboard or press C on your PC to see if anyone climbs.
Machete’s one-hit-kill ability makes confronting an NGO a little less difficult knowing that your attacks are a killing punch.
The judgment day takes place when the time is up and the score is still in the draw. In this case, all players have all weapons available and all can be seen on the Radar. Last Team Standing rules now apply, with the goal of destroying the entire enemy team to win.

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