Game tip: Possession

Cooperative gameplay is at the heart of the Red Dead Online experience and people who live, work and go together can benefit in a number of different ways. From the safety of numbers to increased rewards in tasks and activities, here are some tips on how to set up or join a group of like-willed discoveries and some peri privileges in doing so:

Game tip: Possession
Game tip: Possession

To start owning your own, just tap left on the d-pad keyboard to display the Player Menu, navigate to Possession, and press Square/X to start customizing your own gang. Alternatively, join Possession by going to the Online menu and selecting Possession.
Formation of a Temporary Possession of up to 4 members is free for all players, while Continuous Possession for More Dedicated Ownership can support up to 7 active players at once and have additional features (more below).
Certain activities and missions will reward players with a larger amount of RDO $ & XP when playing in Posse.
Owners’ leaders will bring their entire Ownership when participating in Free Roam Events, Competitive Challenges, or Demonstration Series through the Player Menu or The Chain icon on the map, keeping the group together.
Leaders of a Persistent Possession can change the Dress Type and Name of their gang owner at any time in the Ownership Settings Menu.
Every member of Posse can see the leader’s reference point on the map, making it easier to navigate the team.
If all your Persistent owners go to the same destination, leaders can activate The Ownership Race to earn some more XP along the way. Just go to the Player Menu (d-pad on the left), select Possession, and then Own Versus to select your activity.

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