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Melee with an opponent is a good way to get ahead if it’s a close race.

Slipstreams have long been used in GTA Online Races to gain personal advantage, but Slipstream’s Rival Mode requires players to coordinate and string to overcome opponents as a team. You’ll also need to go in a group to successfully bypass the Checkpoints – all while preparing and avoiding the upcoming Bike Melee attacks. There is room for tactical fighters and speed players alike in this Mode, so choose your strategy and read on with some tips on how to gain the advantage over your opponent:

Meleeing a rival is a good way to get ahead if it's a close race.
Meleeing a rival is a good way to get ahead if it’s a close race.

Get in touch with your team to let them know when you’re going to get past them and which side you’re doing it on. This helps you avoid colliding with your own teammates and potentially lose the lead.
Try to keep pace with your slides – the faster you can capture each other’s drafts, the more ground you’ll cover.
Make sure to stick together – Checkpoints will only register if you’re near your team member’s(s).
If you’ve slowed down to wait for a team member at the Checkpoint, look for a reminder to tap the gas pedal to accelerate as they approach.
Scoring a Melee against an opponent doesn’t just slow them down – their team will need to step back and wait for the player to be knocked down. Keep an eye out for your Radar and glide past any opponent who is trying to overtake you.
Conversely, try and arrange a melee when you are in your opponent’s slide. A hard hit to the back of the head as you pass can help create distance between you and your opponent.
If a teammate falls behind, become a team player and step back to slide back into the group. Passing through the Checkpoint at a speed is always better than waiting there.
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