Game Tip: Tiny Racer

Tips and tricks for tiny riders:

Get ready for a new racing challenge in GTA Online? Get a whole new perspective in Tiny Racer. With each racer on his own field, be prepared to wipe out your (clean and dirty) tricks to topple your opponent:

Your rearview – Make full use of R3 (PS4), RS (Xbox One), or C (default PC) to move the camera further behind you and expand the scope of any competitor. If you already have a booster available for Rocket, an additional tap on L1 (PS4), LB (Xbox), and Tab (default PC) will fire the Rocket in that direction – as demonstrated above by our friend Jeff Leach.

Game Tips: Tiny Racers
Game Tips: Tiny Racers

Use Slipstream – as you often need to gain a quick profit to continue participating in the race, line sliding can give you the advantage you need to get ahead. But be careful when entering the corner because Traffic, although fast but can turn out if you get into the corner too hard and fast. Measure your acceleration and slide line carefully.

Stay close to the lead. Once the other drivers start to give up, the more you need to stay close to the game.

Deploy power-up measures wisely – strengthening can create or break a point, but use them wisely. Since you can only keep one power up at a time, don’t hoard an object when you can collect something that might be much more useful for the current situation.

Lead? Rockets and Bombs can keep the water pipes in the back flying, so seize the opportunity when you can. Like that, look for opportunities to get the most out of Skydiving, Slides, and Ramps whenever possible.

Make the most of the vehicle’s power – each power-up for the Car has its advantages, but the effect is instant and transient so make good use of the time. Combine Ramp Buggy with the use of enhanced strips to sneak up on those ahead of you. If you are in the final stages of such transformation and an enemy racer has ruiner 2000 or Ramp Buggy pickup, try to stay behind them to avoid being shot or pushed to the edge.

Want pure racing rather than explosions? The pick-up service can be turned off in the lobby, so you can freely rely solely on your driving skills.

Written by Im Fox


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