Game Tip: To Death because of Our Part VII-Use of High and Low Ground

Till Death Do Us Part VII game tip:

Set in the back alleys of La Puerta, Till Death Do Us Part VII is one of the latest maps for This Rival Mode, where each couple will share a life. One of the houses closest to the beach can expand – provides a panoramic view of the map and make it perfect for snipers. To get into position, just run towards Vago’s graffiti at the end of Bay City Boulevard and you’ll come up with a half-finished house with an electric box low enough to cling on. From there, drag yourself onto the roof before jumping into the house under construction next door. After one last climb on the adjacent roof, you will be in a favorable position to destroy the enemy. The lowland could also be more favorable by grabbing a single grenade on the map found at the main intersection near the points of appearance.

Game Tips: Till Death Do Us Part VII-Using the high and low ground

You can see all this action in the clip above from our recent live stream with DJ/producer Borgore and Typical Gamers, where TG first tried man lying on the ground before finally holding on to the grenade (code name: grenade) and knocking out Bangers with it, resulting in a victory for the Orange team.

Written by Im Fox


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