Game Tip: Trading Locations (Remix)

The Trading Venue (Remix) fights the Beast against Juggernaut in a fighter battle for the supreme right, where you will fight with your teeth and nails to land the winning side. But while juggernaut’s heavy armament or the Monster’s rudimentary powers may be important to your success, a little planning goes a long way.

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Game Tips: Trading Places (Remix)
Game Tips: Trading Places (Remix)

Tips for the beast
Use your Super Jump abilities to quickly overcome obstacles and attack from above or behind.
Super Jump is also a great retreat strategy if things don’t go your way on the battlefield.
Try to get close to the enemy as quickly as possible – you are a much stronger inner warrior than Juggernaut. If you find yourself being shot from a distance, use the arena’s obstacles as a hideout to get closer to your opponent.
Consider using Stealth to get close to the enemy before launching an attack.
Keep in mind that using your Monster skills will drain your health, so keep an eye on your energy indicators.

Tips for Juggernauts
Try to create as much distance between you and the Beast as possible and move – they are only dangerous when within reach.
While the Minigun has remote devastation, you cannot melee against its opponents. If the Beast is attacking you, switch to Railgun or Assault Shotgun to attack your opponent at close range.
Try activating your Thermal Vision if you suspect one of the Monsters is using Stealth.
Monsters can cover large amounts of ground while jumping, but are vulnerable to air attacks – notice air enemies and shoot them out of the sky before they land.

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