Game tip: Vespucci work

In The Vespucci Job, the right strategy can make a difference. Whether you’re on the lam in a pint-sized British classic or trying to crush a dish in tax-subsidized rage, we’ve put together some tips to help win and take home (or pass) bacon:

Game Tips: The Vespucci Job

Tips for runners
Runners are free to collect checkpoints in any order. Keep in mind that the police can’t see your checkpoints, so try to get rid of those who pursue you by going indirect routes to your destination.
Take advantage of the size of the Issi Classic; make tight turns to evade police cruisers and use narrow frames to slide down narrow alleyways and passageways that the Interception team may have difficulty directing.
Map out your path carefully to avoid putting yourself in unworthy dangers. As strongly demonstrated below by @cswood, the pursuers will not hesitate to catch you off the cliff or into drinks, causing you to lose precious seconds in the race with the clock:

Tips for interception tools
Always believe that the Jogger has a few exits in his head, so communicate with his fellow fluff to try to block as many exits as possible.
If you can force a revival, runners will lose an important 20 seconds from their watch.
Work with your teammates to pin the slippery suspect to the wall, in the ditch, or between the most cruisers that LSPD can wipe out:

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