Game Tips: Bonus Hunters, Traders & Cashers

Frontier Pursuits offers Bonus Hunters, Traders, and Crawlers the opportunity to explore the Red Dead Online world at their own pace, progressing through one or more expert roles as they search for a position for themselves and search for luck along the way. Whichever path you’re following, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you on your way to becoming a Featured Person in your field:

Game Tips: Bonus Hunters, Traders & Cashers
Game Tips: Bonus Hunters, Traders & Cashers

Bonus hunters

If you’re a Bonus Hunter who is also pursuing the Collector role, follow the precious Collections while tracking bonuses. After destroying enemy guards in Bonus Missions, remember to rob all the bodies for a chance to find rare items such as Tarot Cards, Ancient Bottles, and Treasure Maps. Finding Collections while performing these tasks will also give you XP Collectors.
As your Bonus Hunter Ranking increases, you’ll start to see more profitable bonuses on the Bonus Board – the harder it is to spin, the bigger your reward will be.
Once you’ve reached Ranking 14, dodge enemy firepower by crouching on horseback (hold L2/LT and hit Square/X)
Want to get promoted faster? Join your team for help rounding up your bonus goals to get XP bonuses.
If you are riding alone and want to bring back multiple goals, you can bring two bonuses at once by taking down the second goal and dragging them behind you. Be warned: Your strays may not survive the journey.
After you’ve unlocked Gun Spinning as a Bonus Hunter, double-tap L1/LB, then hold R1/RB and follow the on-screen prompts to perform the trick. H/T to u/The_Synth_Potato on Reddit for posting this amazing clip to r/RedDeadOnline:


Cripps prefers to work with the whole body rather than parts. Prioritize turning 3-star animal corpses in full rather than just skinning.
To maximize profits, run a Supply Task instead of purchasing Supplies. This way, you’ll also get Trader XP for missions and quick promotions.
Long-distance delivery can be particularly profitable, but you can make shorter deliveries in Defensive Play Style to protect yourself from chance guys.
To maximize your hunt yield, line up your three-horse corpses while skinning any other animals you encounter in the wild.
Although your main goal must be a big game, don’t forget to look up at the sky – the birds can kill quickly and easily when you return to camp.
In Rated 5, you can purchase an Average Delivery Wagon to help maximize revenue on Delivery Tasks; When you reach Ranking 10, upgrade to a large delivery wagon and buy a hunting wagon to transport more live animal caries and skins.

Travel saleswoman Madam Nazar often packs her car and moves to new regions, setting up shop in a different location every day. As a sophisticated eye explorer, you may be asked to follow her without using your map – listen to the sound of her player when she is nearby. However, you won’t need to visit Madam Nazar to receive money from her Weekly Collectable List – after you find the items, you just need to send them to her at any post office location.
While buying maps is the fastest way to find collections, don’t forget to activate Eagle Eye when you go through points of interest – you may come across a valuable item you didn’t know there.
Regularly loot enemy caries if it is likely that you will find collections on them – and be sure to check the drawers and cabinets of any buildings you visit.
Selling the full Collection to Madam Nazar will earn more RDO$ than the individual sale of each item.

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