Game Tips: Crafts & Cooking Tips

Making and cooking can give you access to a variety of items to help increase your index and increase your chances of survival on the border. Here are some tips to help you throughout the process:

Game Tips: Crafting & Cooking Tips
Game Tips: Crafting & Cooking Tips

Recipes: The Fence brings some Recipe Guide – remember to visit regularly as you rate and unlock more to buy.
Cooking: Cooking a variety of meats from your hunting feat will help you increase your character’s indicators when consuming. When combined with certain herbs, the selected meats will receive additional index benefits – add Mint for extra Health, Oregano to increase stamina, and Basil for Dead Eyes.
For food: As you travel the world of Red Dead Online, keep an eye out for different herbs and berries. The combination of various herbs and berries will allow you to make Tonics that help increase the index for both you and your horse, as well as support hunting. Use the Eagle Eye function by clicking on both thumbs to easily detect earned items.
Weapons & Ammunition: A combination of herbs, fats, and weapons will allow you to make ammo and weapons that can be thrown deadly.

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