Game tips: Customize characters, camps, and horses

Red Dead Online offers a variety of ways to customize your outlaw activity. From tweaking the character’s appearance to linking up with horses, you’ll be able to create a completely personal experience.

Character creation: The character creator’s in-depth tools allow you to create a truly unique character. As introduced by our friends at GTA Series Videos, you can adjust some facial features by tapping X/A to enter the Customize section and using the slider to edit your character’s appearance. Clicking on R3/Right-Stick will also allow you to see the face of the hairless character on the face while touching L1/LB and R1/RB quickly check your character profile.

Emoji & Walking Style: With your weapon built-in, you can display your emoji list by holding L2/LT and tapping R1/RB. When walking, pressing, or holding a certain button in the list will perform a quick emoji, while double-tapping will give a more exaggerated full-body emoji. Additional emoji can be found by going to your play table menu and selecting Online Options, from which you can select Emoji to equip and prioritize any emoji you want. To change the way your character walks, just tap left on the d-pad keyboard, select Online Options, and then choose Walking Style.

Game tips: Customize characters, camps, and horses
Game tips: Customize characters, camps, and horses

Clothes: If you are looking to edit your outfit with owned clothing, then your personal tent in your Camp can be used to access your wardrobe. You can also find wardrobes at general stores or tailor shops in town.

Handheld Category: To display your Handheld Category, keep it left on your d-pad. Weapons purchases will be sent to your horse, horses, and items will be in the stables, while clothes will be added to your wardrobe. Other items will be ready to receive at any post office or your Camp lockbox.

Web purchases: Using a mobile device or desktop computer, you can purchase items from the Online Category Social Club Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. After entering the game, you will be notified where to pick up your goods

Camping: The upgraded personal tent will speed up your core refills while resting in the Camp.

Honor: The choices you make in Red Dead Online will affect how the world interacts with you; some tasks may perform differently based on your level of honor.

Horses: Caring for your horse is important. Increasing your link level not only improves horse stamina, but it also gives horses more flexibility, allowing for high-speed drift and sliding. In addition to riding your horse, activities such as Patting, Soothing, Hygiene, and Feeding will help increase the relationship between the two. Upgrading your Pedals or Saddle can also improve your horse’s index while touching the X/A at the right time as the horse water lion reduces the amount of stamina used when riding.

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