Game tips: Hunt for treasure and earn cash/gold

Hidden treasures are scattered throughout the five states of Red Dead Online, and you can earn extra Gold and RDO$ in a number of different ways. Here are some tips to help hunt for treasure chests and increase your income as you search for your property:

Game Tips: Treasure Hunting and Earning Cash/Gold
Game Tips: Treasure Hunting and Earning Cash/Gold

When your player reaches Ranking 10, you will be rewarded with a Treasure Map that can be collected from your Post Office or Camp Lock Box, exposing a chest containing Gold and RDO$. Another Treasure Map will be sent to the Post Office (or can be collected from your Camp Lock Box) for you to collect in 15th place and every 5 tiers there follows.
In addition, treasure chests may contain consumable items, ammunition, or recipes.
There is also the opportunity to explore the Treasure Map (as well as consumables such as Tonics) by looting enemies after collecting hideouts or surviving an Ambush.
Joining activities and tasks as part of Posse will help you increase RDO$ and XP payments.
Completing the Online Story Task in order will earn a stately large RDO $& XP reward upon completion for the first time. These tasks can also be re-performed at any time by going to the Progress Menu, selecting Story Tasks, and keeping Square/X in the task you choose.
Your Progress menu shows you which Awards you might be about to earn. After completing all levels of the Prize, you will be awarded a Lock. Many Prizes will also allow you to re-establish your progress at this time, which will give you some Gold and the chance to complete the Prize again up to a maximum of ten times.
Finally, a great performance in competitive mode can help bring in more RDO$ and XP – check out these quick tips to improve your performance in Showdown and Race mode.

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