Game tips: Matches and races

In addition to the large number of Free Roam activities found around the world by Red Dead Online, players can quickly participate in various team-based competitive game modes and free for all like Shootouts and Races. These modes can be launched through Showdown or Race Series Markers, online menus, or through the Quick Join option in the Player Menu.

Game Tips: Showdowns & Races

Read on for some general tips and follow a specific mode to help you get a competitive advantage and remember to check out here for some quick combat tips:


Certain modes will allow you to customize your Weapon load before you start, so use your pre-match lobby time wisely and equip yourself using the left menu.
While in a series of gunfights, use combat diving equipment (L2/LT and Square/X) to quickly plunge into hiding or out of the firing line.
Try and record the location of red crates and crates on the map. These are easy to explode, making them a poor hiding option, but a great target if you detect enemies near enemies.


Use nothing but a bow and a handful of arrows or throwing knives to be the last stand. With a shrinking player area, there is nowhere to run.

The weapon in this mode is a one-time kill, so don’t waste your time queuing up for a shot to the head.
Being silent or staying in one place for too long will cause you to be seen by other players. You can use this to your advantage to attract others to your location.


A tactical race to the top. Score more points to destroy high-value enemies, but pay attention: the closer you are to the highest position, the more points others get when killing you.

Leading players are always stunned with their points value displayed on the map. If you need to make some serious points, try to take them out to get the highest total score possible.
However, sometimes it has to pay to avoid hastily. You’ll often see other players sprint towards the highest value target – for a few easy points, stop and pick these players while their focus is elsewhere.
If you are leading the team and the player is going in your direction, try dragging them into a bottleneck such as the entrance to the building so that they are forced to fight each other.


Work in groups to control the soil. Occupy territory to start accumulating points: the team with the most points when time runs out wins.

Coordination is key, so talk to your teammates to divide and conquer.
Don’t give up hope if your team is following – if you can capture all the territory at once, you will win immediately, regardless of your score.


Show your personal expertise in free matches for all or as a team: the more weapons you use to take down the finishing blow, the more points you get.

While low-value weapons such as repeater are useful at long range, you may find yourself able to earn points much faster with near-range Tomahawk weapons.
Notice trains carrying high-value weapons such as Dynamite Arrows. This supply is very lacking but can knock down multiple targets at once to help you turn the pendulum around.


Classic gunfight mode with unlimited life. Compete for the most networks before time runs out. Sudden death triggers in the event of a draw: whoever gets the first knock-down network wins.

Artillery can often be found on the edge of the battlefield – Cannons and Maximum Guns can be highly effective weapons to push enemies out of strong positions.
Don’t forget that you can revive your defeated teammates, which can make a difference when it comes to reducing your opponent’s final score.

Enter your trusted code into point races – points, laps, and openings scattered across the map.

Hit the X/A just in time as your horse dewaters – this will use less stamina and keep your code continued at high speed for longer periods of time.
If your horse exhausts its stamina during the race, you can hold triangle or Y to revive with a full vase.
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