Genius’s 11 money-saving airport hacks

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Even after buying a flight, just being near the airport will cost you. From arriving there on time to buying something reasonable to eat, it’s easy to spend cash quickly. However, with careful planning and will, you can win these complexities and still have a few dollars left in your wallet. Checking these money-saving tricks will not only help keep your card or cash in check but will also help you regain time and alertness.

11 Genius Money-Saving Airport Hacks | Onefctv

1. More demanding than transportation.
Cabins are no longer everything and end it all to get to their airport. Plus, you don’t want to put a loving person you have to go through the pain of taking you there. Thanks to Uber and Lyft, you can get fixed prices (but be aware of the time of the price increase) and the service on your doorstep. If you’re feeling good about stops or sitting with strangers, make a reservation on a shuttle service like SuperShuttle or look for places on Or if you are near a main bus/train line that can take you straight to the airport, get on board at a fraction of the taxi cost.

2. Book your parking space in advance.
If it is mandatory to drive to the airport, find a way to completely arrange your parking space in advance to ensure you have enough room and receive a lower fee – especially during peak periods. Another cheaper option is to go with off-airport parking. Sites like, can help you compare different discounts and prices. Or consider staying at an airport hotel with a special (free) parking package with booking. Check out Park Sleep Fly, which lists packages for hotels in the United States and Canada and some tourist ports.

3. Hoarding toiletries.
The 3-1-1 TSA rule (liquids or gels that must be contained in containers smaller than or equal to 3.4 ounces) helps to limit the number of expensive products and takes a long time to buy your travel-sized toiletries. Instead of going on a mission, look for other sources to meet your beauty repair. Large retail stores often release small gifts in accordance with TSA size standards. And, take advantage of the free bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and lotions in your hotel bathroom by taking them with you (SHHH: Just take them out of the counter and hospitality will replace the “missing” with new items). Another consideration: When you arrive at a dental appointment, you can probably add an additional sample of toothpaste. It doesn’t hurt to ask. And with the drug, try over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen so that you do not have a headache when buying a similar version at a higher price.

4. Buy your own snacks.
Sadly, it is now standard to pay to eat on the flight. If you are not willing to spend $3 on an energy bar or pay $10 for “non-real meals” on board, you have options. At your grocery store, buy pre-packaged foods such as dried fruits, nuts, dried beef, crackers, chips, or cereal bars. Fruits are also eaten, but make sure that it is a whole fruit such as apples, bananas, or oranges. So it is possible that sandwiches and leaf or cereal salads (add the sauce before singing), but like fruits, put them in a transparent container, which is easy to open. That way, TSA can scan your food and send it to you and your food on your fun road. Another tip you haven’t heard from us: A few days before your flight, remove some snacks from your office pantry.

5. Go with the luggage.
For most passengers, baggage fees are charged here – and can be added. If possible, try to pack your clothes in a carry-on sized bag. If at your gate your plane does not have enough over-altitude space to store people’s luggage, please volunteer for your check-in – free of charge. If not being able to stuff everything in your pocket and check is your only hope, prepay your baggage fees online at check-in to avoid excessive fees.

6. Take a bottle of empty water.
The days of having to dispose of a full H20 bottle in a trash can at a security checkpoint are still stalking us. However, what you can do is carry a bottle without H20 in it – or any liquid. An empty water bottle can be put through protection, and when you have just passed it, you can fill it at a fountain. Feeling the outline of that idea? Invest in a bottle that includes filtration.

7. Make a cocktail.
While we can’t say this is the most classic tip (just as we’re not sure it’s entirely Kosher’s, but it’s certainly very clever. You can save money on pre-flight drinks by packing those small bottles of wine in your luggage (they are less than 3 ounces). Once inside the station, buy a mixer such as a bottle of soft drink or juice. Drink a little, then sneak more of your sauce.

8. Research on your airport setup.
Unless you have flown out of a certain airport regularly, finding any terminal seems like studying for an exam. However, there is a fraudulent table. Foursquare account owners can add their details and details at airports; just put them in your place and see what they have to say. Most airports have a full layout featured on their website, listing details and locations on everything from departure gates and arrival gates to restaurants and shops. Take a look before mapping out your path, even to find where the bathroom is or where you can kill time. In case you have to break down and buy something, you know what your choice is. And what to avoid.

9. Bring something for your entertainment.
Whether it’s a Kindle or cardboard or a magazine, catching up with your reading can kill a lot of time and keep you from buying something that’s a hasty item that’s causing you to lose focus. If music or movies are for you, bring headphones from home to avoid paying through the nose at the station or on the train. Bring a fully charged battery pack to your electronics.

10. Take your own path.
If you have time to kill people and can’t live to wander aimlessly, you don’t need to buy a club card. Most major airports such as LAX, Newark, O’Hare, San Francisco, and Miami (and overseas airports such as Dublin and Charles de Gaulle) have inter-religious chapels or meditation rooms open to passengers to sit and ponder. Be aware: show respect for this place and those who are sharing it. If you want a more crowded view, find areas that give you a different perspective. JetBlue passengers, for example, can stroll in their outdoor lounge at JFK Terminal 5, exercise on the exercise path at Phoenix Sky Harbor, or those at Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s McNamara Terminal can take the Express tram.

Whether traveling for business or traveling, planning a little in advance can save you a lot of time. Follow these tips to avoid falling cash at the stations during your next trip.

11. Try stealth hacking for free messaging while in the air.
That GoGo In-Flight service is very expensive. And if you have any provider other than T-Mobile, then that seems to be taunting you. But guess what – all you need is a T-Mobile phone number at hand to access the free messaging service. So, before your trip, ask your T-Mobile payment friend if you agree to enter their number. In addition, we are not saying that this always works, but it has worked a few times for us – sometimes, we can use Facebook Messenger just by logging into the landing page of GoGo. Maybe it’s a blessing, but it’s worth a try.

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