How glass ceilings keep people back

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“In a world where talent is evenly distributed between women and men, an economy that doesn’t fully tap into the leadership skills offered by women is necessarily ineffective,” said Marianne Bertrand of the University of Chicago, an economist who has just published research exploring the bad of business in a mature society. : the glass ceilings.

How the Glass Ceiling Holds Everyone Back | Onefctv
How the Glass Ceiling Holds Everyone Back | Onefctv

Bertrand’s observations may seem obvious, but even considering the reality of wage disparities, sexual harassment, and economic progress toward women in general, not everyone has the concept of glass ceilings. However, systemic discrimination is expressed in any way, not all of them are as explicit as a remark or a promotion is ignored. For example, Bertrand noted that women often pursue education and employment opportunities with a lower lifetime income than most men. This is not due to some of the endemic differences in interests: Often women who work in a concentrated environment many men (or “boys clubs”) experience such toxicity that many choose not to stay.

Columbia Magazine this week highlighted another Bertrand observation of the glass ceiling, which is that women and minorities are often paid the least, often for the same job. If you consider the wisdom of negotiation for higher wages and wage increases, also consider what many journalists have told co-author Cecilia Lei, that “they don’t want to negotiate their salaries because they feel so grateful, so lucky to find a place in a prestigious newsroom.” And if that’s not enough system for you, look at the inactivity of higher-paying jobs than “shift two” jobs that often belong to women, such as parenting and housework.

The glass ceiling shows an up hard battle, but it is not an undefeated battle. There are all the ways to get the most out of your career and all your colleagues. However, the first step is to recognize the problem – and choose how to fix it.

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