How to combat adult Cyberbullying

Believe it or not, children are not the only victims of cyberbullying. Adults can also easily become prey to dangerous internet attacks. Online threats involve anyone maliciously targeted through any form of electronic access. Cyberbullies are simply cowards because they always hide after hurting words and anonymous usernames. You would think that your high school was behind you, along with all the immaturity and hurting teasing. Unfortunately, the worldwide web has a way to take bullying to the next level. The following steps will give you some tools to combat this form of faceless bullying.

How to Fight Adult Cyberbullying
How to Fight Adult Cyberbullying

Step 1
Online threats include posting malicious photos and comments, spreading rumors and lies, humiliating or attacking someone without their consent. If you want to prevent this malicious behavior from tracking, don’t forward hateful emails or content to your friends. Forwarding this type of information will include and even make you considered a cyberbully.

Step 2
If you receive a form of electronic content that hurts and harasses others, whether you know the person or not, respond to them and let them know that cyberbullying is hurting. Explain to them that the person who was attacked could easily be close friends or family members and you are quite sure that their loved ones will be offended; not to mention the person who was attacked. Some say it’s best not to respond to bullies because that’s exactly what they want. This may be true, however, if you only reply once to everyone receiving emails from online bullies, reminding them that they are doing more harm by forwarding hurting emails on, it can send a powerful message.

Step 3
Block, report, and flag any and all content by cyberbullies. This makes a strong statement that you will not tolerate this type of Internet behavior, nor can you penetrate your sense of right and wrong by putting in it for the purpose of laughter. Adults are just as vulnerable as teenagers when it comes to cyberbullying. They will also guess for a second time and think it’s a joke. No one is immune to the impact of online threats, even adults.

Step 4
Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can click on the bully’s username online and find a link to some of their information. This information may include their website and even the workplace. If a cyber bully feels they have a right to be a victim and humiliate a completely good stranger, I don’t understand why that perfectly good stranger can’t write to the cyber bully’s workplace and tell them what they are. worked at their business by informing them of their cruel cyberbullying activities. Informing their workplace that they will lose their business in the future until the employee in question is no longer part of their facility can send a message.

Step 5
In the face of cyberbullying, you need to look at the deeper roots of the problem and realize that bullies are simply trying to get ahead of you. Don’t let them control it by over-reacting. Instead, find a way to fight back calmly and focusedly.

Step 6
There are so many great online resources that you can access to find useful information in dealing with online threats like the National Crime Prevention Council. Searching for or even creating a support group for people who have been threatened online can be a great way, not to mention a positive way to brainstorm ideas that prevent online bullying and promote them in local schools and workplaces.

Step 7
Pressure your government by asking your deputies to put in place safeguards against victims of cyberbullying. Propose ideas that will enforce accountability for people who threaten or harass others online.

Step 8
Cyberbullies rarely think of the consequences of their actions. Often they will argue that there are no consequences due to the anonymity of the internet. Cyber bullies know little, there are ways to fight back and take them down. Whether it’s filing a complaint through the website or preventing their destructive actions by email, there are ways to make their bullying much more difficult. Be strong and stand up against the internet’s cowards!

Written by Im Fox


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