How to scale your Freelance business

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Working as a one-person store can be difficult when you are good at what you do. That may sound a bit strange, but when you’re doing well and succeeding as a freelancer, the demand for your job can go beyond your offer.

How to Scale Your Freelance Business | Onefctv

There are only 24 hours in a day and there is a limit to what any of us can do during that period. If you’re feeling overwhelmed that your free business is doing so well, then it’s time to start scaling up.

Turn Your Services into Products

One of the fastest ways to scale your business is to build products based on the services you currently offer. You can use the skills and knowledge that help you become great at work and create products that you can offer to people, at any time.

Think about things like eBooks, group courses or classes, and workshops. Producing your services means you can serve more people in an artificial way. It’s also a good way to generate revenue periodically without periodically working. You need to invest time in the creation of the product, but then you can sell it over and over again without producing anything new.

Outsourcing time-consuming (and energy-consuming) jobs
The jobs that we do not like to do take up more time and energy than we should do. We delay them, we pear our feet or we struggle to finish them because we are simply not good at them.

Make a list of things you hate to do and entrust accordingly. Do you hate keeping your books or doing your taxes? Outsourcing to accountants and CPA!

If you want to scale up your Freelance business, you should also out-hire time-consuming jobs. These jobs differ from those that require a lot of skills in that they do not require a lot of training, but they can be very manual and you just need someone to complete them.

Automate everything
Check all your current tasks. Try to create a process for each step of the work you do in your business. Then, let’s see where you can create automatically. This will save you time, effort, and energy, allowing you to reach more customers.

The following tools can help you get started:

Use ScheduleOnce or Acuity to schedule calls and meetings.

Try Boomerang or FollowUp to help manage your emails and generate automated responses.

Use the system to manage specific steps in your process. For example, MailChimp can help you program your email marketing. Nutcache can help you work on accounting books.

You should also use time and work management tools to help you keep track of your growing business. The scalability process begins with a more efficient workflow. From there, you can systemize, automate and develop.

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