I Don’t Spend Money On a Whole Weekend and Live To Tell That Story

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When I agreed not to spend money for a whole weekend, I realized that it was basically impossible to get out of bed without using the goods and services I paid for. In fact, I will not even be able to sleep in my bed (since I paid for mattresses, bed linen, pillows, as well as rent that allows me to sleep on the ationed bed).

I Spent No Money For a Whole Weekend and Lived to Tell the Tale
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So when I say “I don’t spend money,” I mean “I don’t spend NEW money.” It’s not the easiest thing in the world, since I live for restaurants and takeaway food, and before this weekend, didn’t cook anything more complicated than scrambled eggs for months. Also, I live in a large metropolitan area (Los Angeles, scream!) And weekends tend to be spent going out and doing interesting things, but cool things usually cost $$, none of which I’m allowed to spend this weekend.

So here’s how it goes down:
Saturday morning

First I do some free work on the internet, because I don’t spend money doesn’t mean I can’t make money, am I right? (I’m right.) Then I washed, got dressed and ran out the door.

The weekend I didn’t spend money on was also the weekend with the 2016 Emmys, and I was invited to the agency’s Emmys lunch (when I wasn’t writing for the internet, I wrote for television). Well, someone ELSE paid for a brunch with this fancy pants so I was 100% free to go and nosh and was silently horrified when I stood in the buffet line next to Eleven from Stranger Things.

Saturday afternoon
Every Saturday afternoon, I take a great music theater dance class called “5-6-7 Sweat!” and since I’ve paid for that school month, I continue my non-spending days as we learn an ailing combo called “Cell Block Tango.”

Saturday evening

Okay, honestly, if this Saturday was a normal Saturday, I probably wouldn’t have spent the money until this point, between free brunch and paid dance class, really no chance. But not spending money on a Saturday night is already THE SECOND time, guys. Normally, my husband and I would go to dinner and watch movies, and we could easily spend $80 between us overnight.

But since the whole thing “didn’t spend money” until Monday morning “, I decided to make dinner at home. As I said earlier, I didn’t cook for a long time, so I took out an old back-up dish – the walnut gorgonzola risotto.

I forgot how much I loved cooking. I always say I don’t have time for it, but the truth is that I don’t really SPEND time on it, and Saturday night is a good reminder that I need to spend more time on the hobby that I love/save for me. Money. I spent $25 on ingredients when I went grocery shopping earlier in the week, so basically half the money we used to spend together at a restaurant, plus enough risotto to eat until Monday, so actually we could only eat about $10-15 in ingredients that night.

My husband had a crazy week at work, so from then to the second and the third, he actually ended up around 8pm, so he planned his evening, you know, going to bed, but I still had to find out if I was. I’ll do it, I’m young at night!

I have Amazon Prime, and I ended up watching most of this BBC Fleabag 3 movie. I’ve heard great things about it and you, the hype is real, the show is great.

I went to bed around midnight without spending a penny on that Saturday. Huzzah!

Sunday morning

I wake up, eat risotto for breakfast (we have too many things!), And write more on the internet. Making money is a lot more interesting when you are not actively spending money; I need to keep this in mind.

Then I went to Pop Physique class at 11 a.m. For the unknown, Pop is a predominantly Pilates exercise class with some yoga poses and some ballet bar movements that will cause your thighs to cry out for pain. Anyway, I paid for the month, so as I walked, my thighs started to quietly cry as I crossed the threshold.

Sunday afternoon
I came home, ate more risotto (I had many other things in the fridge, but all I wanted was risotto!) And then I went rehearsing for the art show that I was doing with my friends called “I’ve grown up ? ” which basically we all threw our autobiographies into the stage grinder and created a show about trying to figure out, as the title says, how do you know if/when you’ve matured.

Sunday afternoon

Rehearsals take place from 3-8 p.m., taking me home at 8:30. There were snacks during the training session, so I wasn’t hungry when I got home. I hang out with my husband and read some of Ann Patchett’s new Commonwealth novels and go to bed!

Conclusion section

When I put all my mind to it, I realized that I really DON’T need to spend money on weekends. I paid up front for a lot of things (rent, groceries and my dumb exercise classes), and not going out to eat out was a good reason to stay and remember how much I cooked. This weekend is filled with good food and good art and good friends. And, I’ve saved, I’ll buy something like $50 if I don’t hang out on Saturdays, and another $20 to $30 if I don’t buy food on Sundays, to the point of nearly $100 in savings this weekend. It’s a start. The lesson learned here is that not spending money does not lead to a weekend of boredom or deprivation. Cons, the limitations have inspired creativity (since limitations are not recommended) and I left this weekend completely to do another free weekend in the future.

What do you think?


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