Is Shinobi Life 2 Comming Back?


Is Shinobi Life 2 Comming Back? What Happened to Shinobi Life 2? When is Shinobi Life 2 comming back? All the answers and all the information about their copyright issues

is shinobi life 2 comming back

What Happened to Shinobi Life 2? New Name = Shindo Life

On November 19, 2020 Shinobi Life 2 was deleted, what happened?

According to the official SL2 twitter:

Rell Games Posted: “Our Naruto RPG group got copyright-striked because of the word Naruto, we’ll try and get the group name changed. Some music in-game will be changed as well.”

A copyright Skike sounds really bad, but we have recent examples in Roblox of games that have recovered after copyright issues. Skyblox was removed from Roblox, but they changed the name to Islands and now everybody can play the game

Rell Games also Posted in their twitter account:

“We made the Naruto RPG group name almost a decade ago If ROBLOX had a way to change group names this wouldn’t have been an issue. If they just changed the group name this wouldn’t be an issue”

“If we get the game back, we’ll do big copyright revamp for safety measure (it’ll take less than an hour), remove any name or picture remotely close to relating to Naruto”

So it seems that there is a solution, and although it takes work, it is quite obvious

Will SL 2 come back?

As we told you, there is a solution, it is quite obvious and Rell Games team are working on it

Rellvex posted this in Rell Games’ Discord:

“As for Shinobi Life 2, we are awaiting the document that contains their reasons for DMCA. I’ve emailed VizMedia two days ago to work out some type of deal and haven’t heard back

What we’ve been doing: We’ve been removing and replaced content that was copyrighted, characters, images, music, models, etc. Shinobi Life 2 is nearly ready on our end to be re-opened. I’ve re-designed the map contents to avoid future copyright.”

So we think it’s just a matter of time

When is Shinobi Life 2 comming back?

We can’t give you a date, but we believe that there is enough information to think that it is something that is going to happen soon

Relladurite posted this in Rell Games’ Discord:

“We received some pretty good news that are giving us some more hope for what’s of the status of the game. The brothers cannot legally share the information yet but we thought we’d still let you know that the situation is progressing. Keep in mind that nothing is confirmed until it happens however, and as always, thank you for the continuous support”

They have also posted

“we have to wait until Monday before sharing news”

So there will be more info tomorrow, but we think that Shinobi Life 2 will be back this week

And of course there will be tons of new codes when SL2 comes back.


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