Little Misfortune Endings Guide


Welcome to the Little Misfortune Endings Guide, there are 2 endings (regular and true), and we provide you the steps to get both of them, so you can also unlock 2 achievements: Somewhere Else and Eternal Happiness

little misfortune sparkles locations

Little Misfortune Endings – Regular or Bad Ending

Just play without sparkling everything with glitter. Is the easiest one, because you don’t need to find the sparkles points, but it’s not the good or true ending

If you get this ending, you will also unlock the Somewhere Else Achievement (Win the game)

Little Misfortune Endings – Good or True Ending

As sure you guessed the good or true ending requires sparkling everything with glitter

(Spoilers from here…)

It is the good or true ending because all the happines from the tree goes to Little Misfortune’s mom. She will take off her mask, and she won’t need it anymore

If you get this ending, you will also unlock the Eternal Happiness Achievement (Give Mommy the Eternal Happiness)

But to reach this ending you need, of course, the locations of the sparkles points

All Endings Video (Spoilers)

If you want to see both endings (regular or bad and good or true) here you have them:

  • Regular or bad ending: Min 0:00
  • Good or true ending: Min 3:14


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