Mario Kart Tour: Gold Rush – Get Coins Easily


Mario Kart Tour takes only a couple of days available for mobile devices and there are already many players who have launched into this fun adventure. Although its multiplayer mode does not yet allow online races, there are many other attractive dynamics, including the so-called Gold Rush .

Inside this video game gold will be very important , especially if we want to get the best drivers and equipment for our races. Whether it’s buying characters, go-karts or wings , having enough gold coins will be essential for any player.

How to play the Gold Rush on Mario Kart Tour

If you have already played Mario Kart Tour, you have probably noticed that in the races it is possible to find both Gold Coins and Rubies . The latter will be extremely important for you, especially if you want to have access to the bonus known as Gold Rush, which is unlocked precisely with these objects.

Mario Kart Tour Fiebre del Oro

To play in this mode you must press the “+” button next to your total amount of coins . Here you will see a menu in which the number of rubies that you can invest and the multiplier that will be given to you regarding the Gold obtained will appear. Here is the detail of this conversion.

Rubies Multiplier
5 2
15 6
25 10

When you choose an option, you will appear on a special screen using a Mario Dorado . This will travel the streets of New York in the so-called Gold Rush , allowing you to obtain a large amount of coins that will surely help you a lot in your next acquisitions.

If you have not yet seen this race, here is a video that clearly shows what this dynamic consists of and the multiple benefits it can have for you.

We hope that this article has been to your liking and that you can get a lot of Coins in the Gold Rush of Mario Kart Tour.


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