Mario Kart Tour: How to change CC – Different Displacement and Difficulty Levels


Mario Kart Tour has left a bittersweet taste in the mouth of those who expected its premiere, especially for its inability to play online with friends or other people. However, many players are enjoying their different dynamics and prepare for the next multiplayer system installation .

One of the points that serves to give the video game more appeal is that, as in all deliveries of the franchise, in Mario Kart Tour you can change the displacement . As you know, changing the engine capacity of vehicles also increases the difficulty of Artificial Intelligence, so it is essential to improve your technique.

In simple terms, we can say that as CCs increase in Mario Kart Tour, vehicles move faster and therefore it is more difficult to drive them in a good way. At first you will have the 50cc and 100cc options , which will allow you to understand the basic functions of the video game.

Once you complete the races and challenges that each of these speeds offers you, other levels of difficulty will be unlocked and you can set goals to match your abilities.

Change Speed ??on Mario Kart Tour

To be able to change the displacement in Mario Kart Tour you just have to enter a race, select your character, your car and your glider . When you have finished with these elements, the videogame will ask you to select the speed at which you want to compete, at which point the different possibilities will appear before you.

The bad news is that you can only reach up to 150cc playing by your own means, since the 200cc are reserved for those who obtain the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass at a price close to 5 dollars a month . In any case, don’t let this ruin your fun and enjoy all the speed you’re looking for.


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