Medieval Dynasty Bow Location & How to get


Medieval Dynasty Bow Location & How to get – Learn how to get a free Bow, how to craft it, and also how to get the Arrows, the Long Bow and the Crossbow

medieval dynasty bow location how to get

Medieval Dynasty Bow – Location

You can get two bows and 200 arrows totally free and right at the beginning. Go to Gostovia (starting village) and talk to the main vendors, then go west from Branica until the first shack (before the group of shacks and the river), get into the shack, open the chest, and take the bows and arrows

Yes, you are stealing, but you need a bow no? You can’t sell it, but you can hunt with it if you want.

Medieval Dynasty Bow – Crafting

For the long term, nothing better than produce your own Bows & Arrows. To do so, unlock the Hunting Lodge I, a building with a workingstation for crafting simple hunting tools and small storage. Once you have the hunting lodge I, you have to buy the bow scheme (1st scheme) and the stack of stone arrows scheme (2nd scheme), and the ingredients for both recipes:

  • Bow recipe: x1 log + x1 linen thread
  • Stack of 50 stone arrows recipe: x10 sticks + x5 rocks + x50 feather

Of course there are better long range weapons than the bow, so upgrade the hunting lodge I to the hunting lodge II to craft the long bow and also the crossbow

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Video Guide

If you can’t find the location of the free bows and arrows, check this video from Stan Games & Tutorials:


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