Medieval Dynasty Money – How to get money Fast

Medieval Dynasty Flax

Medieval Dynasty Money – How to get money Fast – The best method to earn all the money you need – You don’t need hacks or cheats, just the most effective farming method

Medieval Dynasty Flax

Medieval Dynasty Money – Crafting

Sell items is the easiest and fasthed method to get money. As soon as you start you will find a lot of materials or items that you can farm really fast. But instead of selling these items check the crafting recipes and see what you can make with them. For example, an stone axe is quite easy to craft, you just need 10 sticks +2 rocks, but you will receive more money if you sell the stone axe to any vendor instead of the 10 sticks + 2 rocks.

Stone Axe Price = 28 / Rock price = 1 / stick price = 1

Tip: Craft & sell Stone Axes you will earn 28 instead of 12 if you craft the stone axe instead of selling rocks and sticks

The stone knife is also a good deal: Stone Knife Price = 21 / x2 Rock price = 1 / x5 stick price = 1. But the sticks are too easy to find, so the Stone Axe is a better choice

Rocks are harder to find, but in 10 minutes you can get more than 20 rocks.

Tip: Find rocks under the trees

Medieval Dynasty Money – Flax Stalks

Build your barn, and turn Flax into Flax stalk & flaxseed

x1 Flax (10 coins)  = x1 Flax Stalk (5 coins) + x1 Flaxseed (10 coins)

So, once you have a barn you can invest in Flax and multiply your money x1,5 in a couple of minutes.

Medieval Dynasty Money – Side Quest?

Yes, you can also earn some money completing side quest, but side quests are not a good money farming method

Can I Steal items and Sell them?

Vendors won’t buy you stolen items, so forget it

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