Online GTA game tips: Beast vs Slasher and more

in GTA Online today for a Halloween special Double GTA Playlist $ & RP that includes horror-themed modes: Slasher, Beast vs. Slasher and Come Out to Play.

To help you get the most out of that Playlist utility, check out some Beast vs. Slasher tips below (along with tips for two other requested modes) and you can also update game tips in previous articles for Slasher and Come Out to play here at Newswire.

GTA Online Game Tips: Beast vs Slasher and More
GTA Online Game Tips: Beast vs Slasher and More

Beast vs. Slasher
As a Killer, use Thermal Vision to predict the movement of monsters between buildings.

Beast vs. Slasher witnesses a team of super monsters with authoritarian speed, superior jumping abilities, and even temporary stealth trying to capture 15 checkpoints before they can be taken down by a slasher group eager to capture them.

Slashers are divided into three teams: Heavy, Demolition, and Assault. The Heavy Team has a lot of Minigun rounds that can be used to cut off the Monster’s escape route, allowing those in the team with fewer bullets to fire more accurately. However, be careful, Minigun bullets are not replenished after death! Coordinate with your team to use specialized weapons – like Railguns – to stun Monsters and weapons like Combat MG to quickly deal damage. You can regularly check nearby Monsters using Thermal Vision (right on the d-pad), which can help you quickly identify enemy Beasts nearby. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the radar as the Beast will go blind whenever a Checkpoint is collected.

Like a Beast, you will surely become strong but that does not allow you to be careless. When the blood runs out, you won’t be able to Super Jump or stealth, so always make sure to recover from your injuries. You will return up to 75% of your blood when standing still, so plunging into a pack of Blood may not be your best option if a better hiding position appears. It’s best to decide strategically which Checkpoints to collect first. Collecting more Exposure Checkpoints at first can cause you damage but will benefit your team in the long run. Use stealth to get you out of a tight spot, but remember, it won’t hide you from Thermal Vision!

Until death separates us
A couple plays together, stay together – stay close to your partner to regenerate health faster.

In The Give To Die Do We Section, you and your partner will confront three other couples on the last group date from hell – where each pair is trying to beat others and has only one life to live between two friends.

Just like any aspect of the relationship, you’ll want to work together as a team – pay attention to the needs of the other half as well as yours and communicate effectively. Pay attention to what your partner is doing instead of just acting alone – let’s plan an attack together. Do not completely abandon your partner because your life is in each other’s hands. In fact, being close to a partner will regenerate health for both of them. In some cases, you should consider segregation (such difficulties may occur) as a way to defeat your goal. Sure, you will lose your regen reward but while enemies are distracted when fighting your partner, they may never see your attack coming. But do not stray too far because you do not need to die to seal the fate of your partner – remember, protecting your partner is just as important as protecting yourself. Picking up weapons can provide a much-needed advantage over your opponent, so keep an eye on the radar for what’s available (but be careful, since when in contact with a Weapon will leave you vulnerable). Talking about this, you will appear on your opponent’s Radar by standing still for too long, firing out of your Weapon or in their sights, so move quickly but cautiously and purposely.

When it comes to actually move against your opponent, you have a few different options. Running straight towards your opponent to attack melee is a viable strategy. Although they may not kill them completely, they will be thrown to the ground, making it impossible for them to damage you. Take this precious time to unload your clips while your opponents are vulnerable, but don’t forget to observe your rear! If you choose bullets that penetrate the pistol, remember that shots from the head do not deal with any additional damage in this mode. So instead of moving your umbrella up, focus on body shots. While it will be interesting to part with a team with a murder, persevere and don’t get too caught up in the celebration; If you die during the time the victim’s teammates escape on their own, you will not win. Once you break up with a group, you and your lover will both get back a third of your Health. If you find yourself in a Sudden Death situation, keep trying, as all it takes is a blow that you can end your date early.


Use your Flare Gun to signal your Bodyguard to exploit but be wary of Hit Squad.

Trapped in the middle of nowhere, Target must live by his intelligence and communicate effectively with his Bodyguards to ensure that they find him before the Opposition Attack Team does.

As a Target, finding a hiding place as soon as possible is urgent. The strike group will most likely begin searching the area right around the downed plane, so staying in that area is not recommended. Your Flare Gun maybe your best friend or worst enemy. Using it will highlight your position against your Bodyguards but of course, can also be seen by Hit Squad. As with many Rival Modes, communication is the key to success. When communicating with your Bodyguard, call out the landmarks around you to guide them to your location and keep an eye on the rescue helicopter while still bowing your head.

If you find yourself in the Bodyguards team, consider the type of car you choose. Helicopters can allow for quick operation but are a big clear target and can be easily taken out. The bike is agile and discreet but the target can be easily shot down by the enemy. Choosing a weaponized ground vehicle, such as the Insurgent Pick-Up, maybe a slower option but will provide the best protection for your special cargo.

As a member of the Strike Group, keep an eye out for any signs of the enemy team in the form of Flares or Helicopters. If you find out a Bodyguard is on his way to see their CEO, firing at them immediately may not be the best course of action. Instead, stealthily tracking your enemies in the hope that they will lead you to the target’s position may be your best bet, as an exploding vehicle containing the Target will ensure a fierce battle.

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