Pokemon Go: How to evolve Feebas in Milotic


One of the most attractive points of Pokemon Go is that it has an incredible ability to implement news in the dynamics of the game. At the end of the day, 5 generations of creatures are available, including the possibility of evolving to Feebas in Milotic .

The complicated thing about the situation is that you will need to follow a series of steps to achieve your goal. That’s right, in order to evolve your Feebas in a powerful Milotic you will have to meet specific requirements, so you may find it very difficult to do it without a little help.

Feebas in Pokemon Go

Finding Feebas in Pokemon Go shouldn’t be a big deal for you. Currently it is not a particularly complex creature to capture and you have the chance, small by the way, that you find a Shiny Feebas out there.

This Pokemon corresponds to the type of water and what most attracts attention is the great power it attains when it evolves in Milotic.

Milotic in Pokemon Go

Milotic is a Pokemon of the water type belonging to the fifth generation and that can be obtained from the evolution of Feebas. If you want to know at what level Feebas evolves, we must say that it does not evolve traditionally by level, but that it requires reaching 170 points of charm.

Of course, getting Milotic in Pokemon Go will depend on the amount of candy you use. The good thing is that you will also have the possibility of obtaining a Milotic Shiny if you get to its pre evolution in variocolor.

Evolve Feebas: Step by Step

It is for this reason that since We talked about Gamers we have compiled all these actions that will lead you to achieve this powerful pokemon. If you have no idea what we are telling you, here are the steps you must follow to evolve to Feebas in Milotic .

  1. On the home screen of Pokemon GO, touch the coach avatar.
  2. Touch the Pokemon Mate button.
  3. Change the current Pokemon Partner with Feebas. Confirm the change.
  4. Select the Feebas you need to evolve.
  5. Walk 20 km with the Feebas chosen as Pokemon Companion.
  6. Collect 100 Feebas candies. Every 5 km with Feebas as a friend, give him 1 Feebas candy.
  7. After completing all the requirements, touch your Feebas Mate and evolve.

We hope this guide has been of your help and that you can get to evolve your Feebas in Milotic without any problem. By the way, if you want to read more news and guides about this video game, we invite you to review our section specially dedicated to Pokemon Go


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