Sneak peek with a brand that makes you love it more

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We all have things that we can’t admit to being in love with. If there is a battle in your heart between Goldfish and Cheez-Its, you may already know new research has just in mind – that the more secretive we are about brands, the more we stick with them.

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Marketing experts at Towson University want to know if there is any connection to how we feel about our brand and how we feel when there is a secret love affair. It’s actually not an absurd assumption: When we try to suppress thoughts about a forbidden relationship, we facilitate obsessively preoccupied, a kind of cyclical behavior that anyone who has ever been obsessed with someone (or something) can relate to.

As it turns out, nearly two-thirds of Towson survey respondents kept their love for at least one brand a secret. Some examples include a health care worker who swings money for McDonald’s and a woman shopping at a large clothing store. Eventually, the study found that “lying increases intrusion and suppression of thought, leading to a stronger connection” to the brand, according to a press release.

Of course, as with any spending habits, you may lose track of why you’re shopping your way. If you are going to splash, even in secret, try to do so consciously (even if it de loses the purpose of splashing!). Our consumers are quite attached to unwise decisions, but the more we can integrate gratitude into our budget, the happier we and our wallets are.

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