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By the time you do a background check during the job application process, you may feel it is an unpleasant form. But there is also something that worries you, such as the “permanent profile” that your teacher may have threatened you at school. A startup thinks you deserve to know what hiring managers know – and they’re happy to offer you for free.

Stay Ahead of the Game on Background Checks | Onefctv
Stay Ahead of the Game on Background Checks | Onefctv

Checking jumped on the AI train: It’s not quite the robots that are assembling records for you, but it’s not far away. The company has just launched a new service called Better Future. “For the first time, we put job riders in the driver’s seat by giving them a clear view of history and the ability to take proactive steps to manage their resumes,” wrote Check representative Neha Jewalikar. The second part is important: A better future can help people with criminal records be allowed to go to work thanks to minor or old violations. Check also said it works to correct outdated or inaccurate information that public records may show.

With Checkr’s functionality as a job search service in general, Better Future users can also be automatically sent to the job opportunities they fit into. Workplace standards are changing rapidly in a number of areas, from whether you have a tattoo to whether you have experience or not. If you’ve branded yourself with a good snapshot, a good network, and a good online presence, it makes sense to process your images in your public profile as well.

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