The real price of being a women

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It’s hard to believe that nearly a century after women got the vote, we still face gender inequality. In fact, women earn on average 20% less than men despite having more college degrees.

The Women’s Policy Research Institute estimates that at the current rate of growth, it will take until 2049 for us to see equal pay for work equally.

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With equal pay still struggling, women have to earn every dong – however, many of our regular expenditures have soaring costs compared to men’s comparable products or services. Worse still, some are items that we are made to feel we need simply due to our gender. Forbes actually estimates that women spend $1400 per year on unfair gender-based assessment.

Top 10 marked products for women

Hair removal products

Hair removal in the legs, armpits, and bikini area is an expensive culture of expectation in the West and makes women earn $10,000 over their lifetime.

Haircuts, hair styling products and tools and colors

Women pay more for the same hairstyle, more for color, and more for hair styling products. Most women also own a wide range of expensive hair styling equipment such as hair dryers, hot irons, and hairpins.


Between foundation, blush, mascara, and lipstick, women spend an average of $15,000 on makeup products. The cosmetics industry is a billion-dollar business that is constantly trying to convince women that they need expensive lotions and vials for beauty.

Manicure Products

Men can buy a nail clip watch, but for women, nail care is a big job. Manicure, epidermis care, color, oil, and serum all add up.


An absolute piece of nylon just washing through a few times can save you up to $20, and for high-end brands you can pay up to $100!

Feminine Hygiene Products

There is a good case made that tam pads and pads are non-luxury items that are necessary and should be provided free of charge to women. Instead, women must pay a minimum of $60 per year and then be taxed on these items. A movement called Free The Tampons is campaigning to abolish taxes on women’s care products.

Dietary products

The diet industry is worth $20 billion annually and its sole purpose is to make you believe you’re fat and you need to buy their products. Women are attacked with images of “ideal body” to the extent that they are not on display for men, with the main goal being profit.


Most American women wear bracelets on their shoulders, be it for comfort, support, or simply because it is a cultural norm in our society. This type of women-only underwear is not cheap, women around the world spend $16 billion on underwear.

Dry wipe

Even taking into account the differences in materials and design, women are still charged a higher dry cleaning fee.

Health insurance

According to a report in the New York Times, women pay up to 31% more for the same level of health insurance as men. The new health care law aims to change this, but in reality, women’s health insurance premiums are still more expensive than men’s.

Of course buying some of these products is completely optional and many women happily pay for cosmetics, bras and many other things because they like to use them. But in many cases, the costs are higher just because they are sold to women. The NYC Department of Consumer Issues found that in the case of shampoos and conditioners, women pay 48% more for a similar product.

This unfair price difference is also not always easy to detect, when it comes to bar deodorants, men and women all pay a similar price but the male version is up to 20% higher. To avoid price measurements, female consumers need to be refined and compare prices with similar products sold to men.

So what can you do about it?

Wherever possible, buy cheaper versions of men’s products and services, especially when they represent an identical product, such as a razor, which differs only in packaging.

Challenge businesses to explain their unfair pricing, and if their justifications don’t convince you then vote with your wallet and take your business elsewhere.

Learn the laws in your state to prevent discrimination based on gender and be willing to report violators. In New York and California, companies can be fined $250 for the first violation of gender-unfair edd.

The NYC Department of Consumer Reports on Gender-Based Voting shows that inequality begins early, with girls’ clothing and toys more expensive than similar products designed and sold to boys.

The solution may come with the results of the presidential election. If appointed leader, Hillary Clinton has promised to address the differences between the sexes when it comes to the cost of health insurance.

It is at least envisionable that her possible appointment could solve the so-called “Women’s Tax” and the wage disparity in general.

But ordinary women must not underestimate their ability to influence change. After all, the conversation about money, make sure that you are calling for equality, loud and clear.

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