Tips for creating stunning dangerous races with creators (Part One)

Stunt Race Creator just released this week has introduced hundreds of unique stunt props and new features to the crazy scientists of the amazing Job Creator community joining the lab.

Before you start building your Stunt Race proficiency works, check out the Official Whistle Race Creator Guide, which provides appropriate guidance on new Creator tools, to help you get started creating and sharing your own Whistle Race. And for those who are testing the Creator tool for the first time or want a summary of the overall GTA Online Creator kit, we recommend that you check out all the official guidelines available at the Rockstar Games Social Club website – including the original Race Creator Guide.

Tips for Creating Stunning Cunning Stunt Races with the Creator (Part One)

In the two-part special edition of the Rockstar Game Tips at Newswire here, we offer sage advice from our development team that will help you get the most out of all the new features of the Stunt Race Creator. If you particularly want to get your original Stunt Racing Job on Newswire in the future or turn it into a fierce contender in the upcoming Verified Creator Race, then the suggestions below can be especially helpful.

When inspiration comes up and you flexibly finger your fingers to create the Stunt Track for your wildest dreams, here are some important starting points to consider.

With hundreds of Stunt Props to choose from, you should check out the list and familiarize yourself with them before you start designing the Race; By planning your path before arranging the pieces, you will not have headaches when having to solve problems later.

Keep in mind that while you can use up to 150 Props in a race, there are also 20 Dynamic Props like giant Bowling Pins and Soccer Balls. If your Model Memory runs out before you reach the Expected limit, you won’t be able to set any more memory; in other words, use them wisely!

After you have thoroughly tested props, be sure to choose the right car or bike for your course; You don’t want to wait to discover that during play-testing that the type of car you have chosen is completely inconsistent with the track you have booked.

The same happens for choosing color combinations for your Stunt Race Props; it is best to decide this soon, instead of having to change the color of each prop under the line. You can check out the color options of any new Stunt Props at any time when you create your Race.

Last, but not least, keep in mind that Rockstar-created Stunt Races are locked at Standard. However, by creating a Stunt Race in Creator, you can choose to set it as Standard, GTA, Rally, or Contactless. Also, if you include a Stunt Proposal in a regular Land Race, it automatically transforms into a Stunt Race.

Stunt Props don’t just have to be used for their original purpose; experiment by rotating them in different ways, to see if they can be used to create something wholly unique and unexpected for your track.

Along with hundreds of new Props, there are also some very convenient tools to take your Race to the next level literally – Prop Snapping, Stacking and Override options. Here are some professional tips to master when using them:

Prop Snapping:

Prop Snapping is a quick and easy way to place a section of the track next to another track, so quickly build your Race. Observe to know that you have this option turned on, and when you start moving, use the buttons at the shoulder to adjust the angle of the next segment of the road.
For more control over when stunt props come together, adjust the options to Snap enabled. This allows you to click On Props together by clicking on Square (PS4), X (Xbox One) or Space Bar (PC).
Prop categories with snapshot capabilities can also catch up with other Prop categories; this means that combining Stunt Lines, Increased Stunt Lines, Stunt Tubes and Stunt Building Blocks will become easy.
Chain Snapping repeats the last Prop Snapping you’ve used and fixes it in the right place, easily creating multiple builds of the same Prop. Remember that when Prop Snapping is turned on, Chain Snapping will also be turned on by default; turn off this option in Props Advanced Options for shooting without linking the Props together.


Want flexibility with the Bill position? Always check that backup Stacking is turned on!
HOWEVER, when trying to edit Suggestions, it’s best to turn off Suggested Stacking, otherwise, when you press the X (PS4), A (Xbox One), or Enter (PC) buttons to edit, other suggestions will be placed on top. you’re trying to edit – instead of editing you’ve bookmarked.
Observing the name of a Suggested in a ToolTip to make sure you’ve chosen the right one will also be helpful; when you turn on Suggested Stacking, you won’t want to lose track of what you’ve marked.

Overwrite rotation and override position:

If you’re having trouble setting Props, Rotate Override and Position Override are the choices you have to make. Enter the Position Override and Rotation options to control the Obstruction until it is perfectly placed, by changing the X, Y, and Z axes.
However, keep in mind that after placing the Head, you can no longer change the Location and Rotate without editing it.
Override Your Best Friend Position – it will be helpful to create those final flourishes and adjustments for your Race.
Use the Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One), or L Ctrl (PC) buttons to Zoom quickly, accelerating your movement when you’re adjusting the Props.
For people who are global and have a discerning eye, when using the Position Override menu on props, change the Provider alignment to ‘Local’; this will allow you to tweak the Prop, moving it based on its orientation instead of its location in the world.
Find Part 2 of this series of tips on Special Bike Race Creators, which will soon appear on Newswire, focusing on Props, track, track, and terrain.

Written by Im Fox


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