Tips for creating stunning dangerous races with creators (Part two: Props, Paths, Courses & Terrain)

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out Part One of this series of stunt race creators tips with live guidance from the Rockstar developer team on how to plan and design your stunt masterpiece. And read on for the second part, where we dive into the fine points to make the most of Props, paths, courses, and terrains of Los Santos and Blaine County.

If you really want to stand out and impress with your Stunt Races – the wilder, bolder and bigger the better.
If you really want to stand out and impress with your Stunt Races – the wilder, bolder and bigger the better.

There is no shortage of new Stunt Props to play in the Stunt Race Creator and with hundreds of options to choose from, you can give GTA Online racing enthusiasts an infinite supply of inspiring racetracks. Here are some good points about some of the diverse Suggestions options that await you:

Templates (found in the Props category) are useful for building sets of Combined Props that you can copy and use again in your Race. This is useful if you want to repeat a particularly great part of your course.
Once you’ve selected Suggestions, you can still use Quick Zoom to adjust the height of your Suggestions faster. A quick zoom is the Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One), or L Ctrl button and zooms the mouse roller (PC).
Stunt props need not only be used for the most obvious and originally designed purpose. Experiment by rotating them in different ways and try them to decorate, barrier, even bigger puzzle pieces – anything you can dream of!
If possible, use larger Props instead of some smaller Props to save on the recommended number. For example, the ‘Tube Extra Long’ Section is the longest stretch of road available, so use it for long straight segments.
Smaller props such as some Building Blocks are much easier to move between race sections.
Stunt Tubes offers a great way to transition from one part of the course to the next because they are very malleable. They can be formed spirals up, down, through terrain and buildings, can even sink to the ground.
Arrange your Stunt tubes carefully and accurately. The uneven position means you may experience an unwanted altitude change or a stop-speed collision – unless you’re in that issue.
The circular checkpoint is the perfect size for stunt tubes.
Building blocks are handy to fill unwanted gaps in your course. When put together and rotated/cornered, some also create great ramps.
Ramps are not just for jumping – they can provide smooth transitions when driving up vertical, steep road segments.
Stunt’s special features, such as Boost and Slow Down, can dramatically change the dynamics of the Race.
Accessories can be useful in moving players through difficult terrains, such as shallow or steep waters. Multiple accelerations can also dramatically change the velocity that the player can achieve to achieve that perfect jump.
Conversely, slowing down, placing at the top of the slope can prevent drivers from driving clean on top.

While you are outlining challenging tracks, your challenging tracks, you should keep the following strategies in mind:

Checking tracks as you perform will help solve any problems that appear early. To quickly test your Race, press the touchpad (PS4), the View button (Xbox One), or the Tab key (PC), and you’ll be included on the track by any means you’ve chosen as the default.
Preliminary arrangement of the expected pieces before refining their position will help you determine how many Props the track will require.
When trying a variety of races in your Race, use Blends. There are several pipe mix props that are very used, especially when starting a road segment created from pipe props.
Use The Proposal to link the track in the Stunt Track when moving between the Stunt Track and the Advanced Stunt Track to keep the track tidy.
With one of the new features of the Stunt Master as a SubStation, you can now create a second route for players to join the Race. It is easy to visualize where you want the route to detach when you have a set of key checkpoints from start to finish.

Be sure to set the new Stunt Grid layout option on the original Checkpoint when using the Start Grid road section.
Ensure that checkpoints are set in a way that allows the player to complete a specified part in a revival. You can try this yourself in Test mode by reviving yourself at a Checkpoint before your setup.
Don’t like your Checkpoint positions? The Delete all option now takes into account sub checkpoints, in case you want to redesign your Checkpoint layout again.
Keep in mind that when setting checkpoints down, the limit is 68.
Building a Race with the aim of performing flips and tricks? Turn on the RP Rewards for races in Race Details to reward players who perform landing stunts in your Race. However, consider where and how the player will land after a big jump.
To give your Races a little more sophistication in the set sections, set fireworks, flares, alarms, and sounds that players can activate. Not only do you have control over who can activate them and when – a first place or everyone and every lap or just the last lap – but also frequency. The distance to which they are activated can also be changed.

Strategically placed Boosts can be helpful at moving the player through difficult terrain, such as shallow water.

Sometimes, the most surprising stunt elements will be right in front of your eyes. When planning and preparing for your ideal Racetrack, let the surrounding environment and landscape of South San Andreas give a hand:

Take advantage of existing landmarks and buildings. These can be very useful in combining your road segments together, as well as making it more memorable and unique.
Finding places to combine with your Race Props around existing maps, such as existing roads and bridges, will not only help you create longer Races but will also help reduce the number of Props.
Use the line of the line structure to help you measure your line.
For better or for worse, factors such as water can pose a great danger – be aware! Remember that you can drown props, but think about the change of tides and their effect on the speed and speed of your racer.

All of the above is just the surface of the vast possibilities available with the Stunt Race Creator. There’s a lot more to discover for the champions a little bit to get started.

We anticipate some spectacular player-generated Races will come from your Imaginable Creators team and look forward to watching and playing the best and creative Races and sharing them here on Newswire.

If any interested creators have some tips for creating their own Stunt Race track to share, share them in the comments section here for others – or share your personal Stunt Race creations so other Social Club members can help play them with you.

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